Alternative names: WarFace

AND gras Varfeys - is a shooter from the company Crytek , which , known for its high-quality multiplayer games that are popular around the world. The players themselves will be able to evaluate the pros and additions of new games.

Before play the game online WARFACE , check that the computer settings and the minimum system requirements of the game. Developers set the following minimum system requirements for the game:

- Operating system: Windows XP , Vista [ _9_], Seven ;

- Processor : Intel / AMD dual-core 2. 0 GHz;

- Memory: 1 Gb (1. 5 Gb for Windows Vista / 7)

- Video: GeForce 8600 GT 256 Mb ,

- 6 Gb free hard disk space;

- Access to the Internet via ADSL 56 kbit / s.

Before proceeding directly to the game, should be passed WARFACE online registration . This process only takes a couple minutes, as made as convenient and simple.

P egistratsiya game WARFACE involves entering the following data:

- Nick - name that will be used by a player in the game;


- E-mail address;

- Also need to read and agree to the user agreement, license agreement and the rules of the game.

Next, you need to download and install the game client. Be it directly on the game site, and clicking on "Download" to start downloading. Once the file is loaded, you just need to run it on and follow the prompts. At this registration WARFACE ends, and you're ready for an exciting game.

AND gras WARFACE online begins appearance choice for your character. A wide range of different options, so you can create a unique character. WARFACE online game offers first go through the training, through which will continue to be easier to play. Education will feature games, will deal with management, then to play the game online WARFACE will be much easier.

In WARFACE play is possible for such classes engineer, Forward, medic and sniper. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, so pick a class, guided by personal preferences and the chosen strategy. As a distinctive feature of each class is special equipment - some items are only available in this class.

Assault - is the main weapon of the fighter, which is automatic. In the process of development it will be available to new models of rifles and machine guns. Attack aircraft used special equipment box of ammunition with which can restock after a fierce battle, as the player himself and his allies.

Medic - much needed character on the battlefield, as using his special equipment (kits) can be treated by allied players, as well as to replenish your health. As a primary weapon physician uses anti-aircraft gun, which is not exact, but very powerful weapon.

Engineer fighting with a light machine gun or pistol. It can also restore stocks of armor, which can often be very useful in the fierce battles. In addition, the engineer can lay mines, which are activated by a shot, or when approaching enemy.

Sniper is the marksman in the game. With the help of his rifle, he can kill enemies at a distance, often with the first shot.

AND grata in WARFACE necessary to completing the missions are varied and always filled with additional tasks. For them, the player gains experience and valuable bonuses.

Without a doubt, the game WARFACE will properly assess the present quality shooter fans and fans of good games.


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