Alternative names: Warframe

Game Warframe - a free sci-fi co-op game TPS, which has developed a Digital Extremes, is the creator of The Darkness 2. In the race to the brink of extinction, the players are online Warframe race Tenno. Players must master the ancient weapons from the old Earth to win with this weapon Griner, who want to capture the empire and seek to eliminate the Tenno.

Before you play the game Warframe, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128MB. Warframe registration does not take much of your time and easy:

1. On the main page, select the item «play for free»;

2. Enter e-mail;

3. Enter your username,

4. Enter a password and confirm it;

5 . select «sign up».

Warframe online is a strategy adapted to the popular format of the free games. When you play Warframe, then your character will belong to the race of Tenno - people who became violent after some space contracted the virus. Tenno trying to win over several competing races Warframe online. Race Griner - are former people who live in a constant desire to murder and their desire for war. Tenno has fewer fighters and poor technical equipment, but to win in this difficult battle helps them Warframe - it's special so-called exoskeletons, which gives soldiers incredible speed and strength in the game Warframe. In Warframe play is interesting, because at your disposal eight technologies: Volt, Excalibur, Coal, Trinity, Pokey, Rhinoceros, Magician, Ash. Each element Vorfreym - it's not just a new outfit with a slightly modified view, and whole technology with its own special weapon. If you have a stable armor, it can safely attack the aggressors who armed to the teeth, in a battle near, and if you are trained excellent shooting from distance, you can easily be able to put opponents in Warframe online. Besides firearms game Warframe, you will always have a sword behind his back, at which elaborate pumping able to destroy all in a row: from Griner to people armored Corps. For different achievements you will receive awards Warframe online. Each hit an opponent noted in the statistics, and then changed to XP, which you can spend to increase the survivability of the hero, the speed of its movement, the troubles that causes weapons and characteristics of these weapons: reload speed, range, number of rounds in the cage and stuff. You will be able to pump not only the primary weapon (or automatic shotguns) in Warframe online, but pistols and swords also. If you've got enough experience and do not know where to spend it, you can purchase additional slots that will increase the power of your hero. But there is in the game Warframe objects that change for the usual currency you can not. Platinum invented for them - it's money that marked the store silver coins. Platinum Warframe sold online for real money, and opens the player access to everything: an exclusive weapon and vorfreymu, Pro-version upgrades. Draw your attention to the weapons and spaceships carrying is an action game Warframe online. The game worked well and has wonderful graphics and game effects Warframe staggering. Moreover, with the help of professional optimization, you can see all this miracle is not even in the most advanced systems!


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