Wargame 1942

Alternative names: Wargame 1942

Wargame 1942 online game - free customer service strategy, implemented in the browser. Wargame 1942 play - it means to feel in their own skin as our ancestors had to survive during the Second World War. Become a commander on the lands assigned to you, head of the army and go fearlessly to the massacre with the enemy. Do not lose hope to remain a winner, even in the darkest moments. After all, the real hero may be the only one who is ready to fight to the death. Comfortable and well-designed interface gameplay are certainly advantages Wargame 1942. Company Looki takes care of creating a comfortable game for users of all ages. These assistants will help system and a good knowledge base. Pleases and accessibility to the game world.

System requirements are minimal:

  • Internet connection
  • Operating system Windows
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Processor Pentium

If you have created an account in the company's previous projects Looki , re-register Wargame 1942 is not required. However, beginners should provide the necessary information, fill the corresponding form on the website of the game:

    1. My screen name
    2. E-mail
    3. Password
    4. Agree to the User Agreement

After registration in the game Wargame passed in 1942, you handed the starting amount of money and the land on which it is hosting. Try wisely invest their money in the development of the first army. Over time will develop land belonging. This would enable the stocking diesel and other fuel types. In case of need "black gold" is transformed into money. Coins are useful for buying equipment needed arsenal and other useful things. Of ammunition game Wargame 1942 suggests choosing different pistols and machine guns, hand grenades, vests, flares and even kits. There is no war without the use of iron, but also diplomatic skills, as well as thought-play tactics on the way to winning role.

As commander must find the strength to control many aspects. Sophisticated economy, established production of combat units, military technology research organization, balanced building the necessary objects - the success of future victories. Enemy and tries to grab you owned territory. Do not give him a chance! Powerful army, air force, navy and defense will not allow the enemy to achieve its goals. The full you feel how hot military event disappears when immunity that Wargame 1942 browser game gave oklimatizatsii first for the gaming world.

Host military base should care primarily about the building of the General Staff. Then you should think about other objects that are conventionally divided into these types of game are not

  • Resource (Residential, Multi-Family Homes, University, oil rig, mines)
  • Military (Barracks, Shooting Ranges, Landfill, weapons factories, General Directorate of the Secret Service)
  • Economic (factories, banks, shopping center)

Resource construction permit

  • Post war
  • Provide the necessary education
  • Extract valuable resources


  • To adjust the flow of money
  • Save money
  • Make the best bargains

Thanks to the military buildings becomes possible

  • Manufacture of weapons
  • Protection Organization territory
  • Training dexterous agents

Only in the case of proper prioritization dizzying successes become your pride. Must be a balance between the development of the military complex, production of necessary resources and financial affairs.

The game world will give pleasure to all that whatever you do. Pleased that the headquarters is the prototype of this, so stay in it creates a sense of reality. On the walls hung with maps, reports, diagrams with information about past battles. Such an atmosphere plus sibling screen, allowing you to quickly learn about the advantages over the enemy, have to make the right decisions and fast. Do not be afraid to carry out swift maneuvers. System of rewards and incentives up your mood, which in turn will inspire you to conquer new heights.

If you tired solo try to win, join the alliance. Thus, will find like-minded and reliable companions.

Should mention one more game features. There meteorological centers, through which you can control the weather. Then the effect of weather conditions on the outcome of battles, known to everyone. True to make such weird things can be after investing diamonds (real) or play money.

Play game Wargame 1942 - that means pass the test of war, temper your spirit and feel the joy of their own impact on history. Do you think that in the teeth if you need it? Is not worth anyone's guess, check out all on their own experience. Let Fortune smiles on you!


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