Wargame: Red Dragon

Alternative names: Wargame: Red Dragon
Wargame: Red Dragon pc officially been presented recently, however, it has not stopped her immediately acquire a considerable army of fans. It is likely that the cause of so much attention to the draft served as the popularity of the previous parts of the line. New same game was even more interesting and exciting. What to say: a worthy continuation of the project quality! Game mechanics line completely preserved and Wargame: Red Dragon. Game, it is worth noting because it did not become boring, on the contrary - a fascinating (and slightly modified, but more on that below) plot, cool graphics and dynamics known gamers on past projects, immediately endeared himself. Still the game is great (you can even say one of the best) real-time strategy. Traditionally pored over the drafting of programmers Eugen Systems - people who are already well aware that they need to be the audience, and what improvements are waiting for gamers. Another presenter of Wargame: Red Dragon video trailer was clear what will be a major change, today only confirmed these guesses. Let's not beat around the bush: we are talking about the relocation action. Now all the major events in the project moved from Europe to Asia during the conflict years 1975-1991. Recall that just happened in this period joining Japan, China, North and South Korea, Australia and New Zealand to Asia. Also, there was a little updated and expanded list of available nations, which together bring to the project, more than 450 new units. So in the game, gamers will be able to tap into their strategies for more than 1,300 units - rather ambitious project! Beginning in Wargame: Red Dragon play, you become a commander. Under your command will be in the army 17 nations taking part in the conflict. Be prepared for the fact that you have to manage a huge number of units (a loss to say exactly, but it is assumed that your decrees will report about a thousand Army troops). The game is extremely interesting that gamers will need to properly manage all types of military equipment and to issue decrees with different soldiers in combat training. Give a little hint: try to pay attention to any detail! Now this may seem absurd, but during gameplay you will understand, for example, how much relief can affect the outcome of the battle. We can not stop our Wargame: Red Dragon review on such details as realistic. Getting into the game, at first you can not get used to the fact that it looks even more realistic than in the movies. The project provides for two main game modes: single, "flavored" dynamic system of campaigns and multiplayer, which allows simultaneous participation in the battle of 20 players. To download Wargame: Red Dragon, simply look at the game's official website, there is already waiting for you links to stores and download sites.

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