War of Titans

Alternative names: War of Titans

In that case, if you do not neglect the public's attention, love to stay in the spotlight, but still not averse to wave their fists, the War of the Titans game created for you personally. The game will carry you far removed from us in many centuries of Roman times and gladiator fights.

At the time when the Roman Empire, as well as any other civilization, demanding bread and circuses, the arena went out two powerful warrior and have proven their ability to be the first. This is what offers game War of Titans. There is no second. There is only the first and losers. But we must learn to stand up even after the defeat and move on, find the strength to fight again and again with his rival and not be afraid to be trapped again. Fear - it is a failure.

War of Titans online game puts a very challenging but achievable goal. It is to make each of the virtual player fighter. In turn, the player must bring your character to a level that will mean only one thing - a perfect mastery of the gladiator.

In the War of Titans Online registration will not cause you problems. Here we must, as always, provide the login. This is the name by which you will enter the game. Next, specify the password, and select one of the proposed continents. Each of these servers are available in different parts of the world. Choose the one that fits your. Then you need to enter your date of birth to be able to determine the age of the player and accept the game. After registration, you can choose a character gladiator who will enter the arena for combat. Actually, the choice you have is small, as for the game developers should consider only four heroes. They appropriate era Greco-Roman names. Each of them is unique in its kind, in fact endowed with special qualities. But in the game you will be able to correct your pet, develop it some quality or teach something new.

Begin to play online game War of Titans users with experience recommend a training quests. Here you will be able to master the technique of combat and the essence of the game. Your hero podnapryazhet their virtual muscles, and you - and your fingers warmed up poupravlyat with the mouse or keyboard. And after training sessions - welcome to the real carnage!

In the War of Titans should play in the first place for those who want to feel the real drive and passion who likes to fight in battle and can not stand life without adventure. Here we have to learn to wield and ax and sword, because we expect from the opponent does not have mercy. Gladiators are estimated at a ratio of categories such as strength and endurance, dexterity and certainly speed movements. It is these four specific principles underlie the entire game. Each of the best gladiators in any one. At the same time no one bothers him to know to discover new categories.

Among the gladiators go their currencies. Whispering bills here replaces the gold, silver and glasses. Easiest, as you have already guessed themselves, get silver. With gold and precious points will be more difficult, because for them it is possible jackpot. It is so rewarding that receives monthly winner fights for life, as they say, and death. Once a month in the arena converge two gladiators, and at stake - the jackpot. Outcome of the battle depends on what skills will be more beneficial in this scenario.

With the Dodgers very short work of tough, but with the strong can "get along" one who has greater speed. Although decomposed here can hardly be predicted. By the way, each character can possess a special type of weapon - a rod, ax, sword, or anything else. Typically, players are trying to master the skill of one species rather than to wave hit and miss everything that comes to hand. But you can have your special strategy, so I will not make plans in advance. In short, the game is very interesting and exciting, so that delay the start of better not. Gladiatorial contests in ancient Rome were wildly popular. It would come to see the crowds, the arena is like our stadiums were packed to the last village. In today's world of gladiatorial battles are no less interest. Adjusted only that now you can not only see it from the listening position, but also to take part in it just sitting in a chair and not suffering from injuries and wounds.


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