Alternative names: Warp

System requirements:

Processor: Core 2 Duo / Athlon X2 2 GHz


Video: 256 MB

Disk Space: 1. 9 GB


Warp - a computer game that combines the best aspects of classic arcade puzzle and stealth action games. Warp game gives us the opportunity to feel not in the familiar role of savior of the planet from the alien threat, but rather to try on the skin of the alien from another world. Play Warp will have to escape from the aggressors, as here where people already perform. Terrible and insidious Homo Sapiens are out to capture the peaceful space traveler to put on him a terrible experience. The game begins in the dungeons just one of the secret bases located in the depths of the oceans. Sweet and lovely space creature named Zero escapes from the supervision and tries to leave the base, where it put on and inhumane experiments conducted hideous experiments, but the way of the secret base will not be easy. Warp, secretive game filled with a bunch of puzzles and dangerous, insidious enemies who want to cause harm to the unfortunate stranger only.




Peaceful and harmless creature Zero, the game's protagonist Warp has sharp fangs and huge claws, and therefore in direct confrontation with the guards and the evil scientists living on a secret underwater base, start, he can not. Warp, a game where we have to hide for the most part, using secluded cubbyholes and hidden rooms, attack the same enemies will be solely due to the back and only to stun the enemy and another to get closer to the coveted exit from the database. Zero to help the stranger will come his alien abilities, namely warp, allowing him to teleport lightning over short distances. Warp game will be held at constant moving around the base, where the stranger is to overcome the walls and locked doors with ease, leaving their pursuers and all security system sensitive sites. Using the same ability Zero can be provided in the most inappropriate places, where it is unlikely anyone will seek, in barrels, drawers and even inside the living. Warp can play and quite brutal, because being inside another object, peaceful alien power of thought can spread it to shreds with a spectacular explosion, no exception and the people, which will be Zero.




The game will not let you relax for a minute and will throw more and more tasks from level to level, forcing more and invent new moves, as well as to act very quickly. Secret submarine base has a huge size and it will be a lot of interesting places, where else will have to go. Moving in space will become not only the ability to be available to players and combining all the possibilities, you can solve tasks in very different ways. Stashed at the base of pink items, called developers Grubs, open the player access to new skills for the alien, such as silent movement or displaying objects on the map. Apart from the basic tasks of missions will be to perform additional tasks, such as passing a level within a certain time or destroy all enemies with one particular skill of the main character. These additional jobs will open additional bonuses and allow much faster to develop new opportunities Zero, which will be open throughout the game.


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