Sea Battle: World War

Alternative names: Warship Battle: World War 2

Game Sea Battle: World War only ships go to battle!

If you are looking for an action that does not disappoint, love history and ships, pay attention to the game Sea Battle: World War. By installing it on your mobile phone, you will be able to go to the front line in any situation, even if there is no Internet connection. Developer JOYCITY Corp offers Sea Battle: World War free download, and even play without investing money. In this case, purchases start at 1 usd, reaching a maximum of 100 usd. Your Android should be version 2. 3, and the installation file weighs 88 M. As you can see, all the requirements are quite modest, but at the same time the picture, the menu and what is happening in the monitor at a high level.

What a dedicated storyline is not here, but only a fill on the theme of the Second World War. The zest is that the authors used the real events of the last world war to create their project. Here are the real ships of various states, among which is the battleship"Arizona"of the US Army, the destroyer"Bulldog"of the fleet of its royal majesty Britain, and others.

Characteristics of the game:

  • High-quality 3D graphics
  • Works on iPad and iPod touch, iPhone, on iOS with version 6 or more.

    Game Sea Battle: World War is full of battles, but you need to prepare for them. Assemble your fleet of warships, strengthen their armor and engines, install powerful weapons and accurate radar, and do not forget to develop a strategy. Going to carry out the next mission, equip the board of each ship with weapons corresponding to the intended enemy. If it will be submarines or other ships, more suitable torpedoes. Waiting for an air attack, it is more useful to install powerful guns.

    Like any other toy of this genre, Sea Battle: World War II game requires you to take care of your weaponry all the time. In order to win, we need resources, money and experience. Do not forget that winning in the current battle, you get useful bonuses that will help improve status, get access to new items and other useful things.

    Players who had time to test a toy, note its excellent balance in everything. The game Warship Battle: 3d World War 2 is dynamic, well thought out, with detailed traced elements. It has a large assortment of arsenal, and, as for active battles, it has a fairly simple and intuitive control.


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