Alternative names: Varsayd

WarSide game - awesome fantastic Action MMORPG with the best combination of role-playing system and tactical shooter. In the vast universe boils war between the three corporations. This is a client game in which players challenge each other and trying to prove his innocence in the most imaginative team battles. You must choose a side to fight for what you want and be able to immediately jump into the fray. No tedious wait! All very dynamic and diverse. In WarSide online will have to really active lifestyle! Offers a variety of game modes, the ability to create a character to suit your style, flexible development, the original combat maps, beautiful arsenal of weapons and a lot of other nice moments. Take part in an avid opposition, hit all his ability to win!

To play the game WarSide client must be installed. Installation succeeds, and the gameplay will not fail if the computer meets the following system requirements:

- OS Windows XP/Vista/7;

- Pentium 4 / Athlon or higher

- Video Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 / ATI Radeon 9500 / Intel GMA 950 (i945G) ilivyshe

- 1 GB of RAM and 1 GB of hard disk space.

To undertake installation required WarSide registration. By creating an account, you must enter the following information: e-mail, forum name, password (with confirmation). After that, check in the game requires WarSide rewrite the words above. Then you can press the "Register", thus confirming consent to receive news and adoption of the rules.

Play You'll WarSide character whose appearance will create their own. Not only do you choose your face, hair, but can decorate hero scars or tattoos. You must also choose one of three warring states. Let's see what they look like. Zetta Corporation has managed not only to create a monopoly on one of the planets, but eventually expanded the range of its influence on many other planets. Capital here is the City, but in the occupied territories power leader Tyler ODSs not less strong. Preaches respected corporation totalitarian capitalism. There are well-developed light energy chemical and heavy industry. Representatives of the state tend to spread throughout the galaxy its impact on the markets and sources of raw materials. Galactic municipality workers and engineers of the Free Space - emerged on the satellites of the gas giant Colossus society. Equality reigns here. Proletariat and intellectuals try to find compromises to live in peace and harmony. Capital here - Tween and leader of the commune is Radin. The most advanced technology - light and heavy physical chemical. The inhabitants of the state dream of a balanced life without problems and opportunities to meet the urgent needs of every citizen. New Empire - aristocratic country with capital Eden. Representatives of the Empire ready to support in every way their leader Ilnura that once force seized the throne of his father. The situation is aggravated by the fact that to know the Galaxy did not take it as a ruler. Offended by this fact aristocrats willing to do everything possible to prove otherwise. They believe that their leader is able to create an absolute monarchy, which will be based on a feudal-market relations. Developing light and heavy physical energy technology, the inhabitants of the state tend to reach the second Golden Age. Dear players, the choice is yours! You have the right to join those whom you see fit.

Characters who become WarSide play, will belong to one of four classes. You can be a guardsman, a mercenary, or faceless hunter. They differ from each other not only in appearance but also unique abilities. Each character is endowed with initial characteristics and your task - to pump them. Also available to choose a specialization to your taste. Fulfilling PvE missions and taking part in PvP battles, you accumulate experience. By the way, one fight lasts about 10 - 15 minutes. The more effort you exert, the more tangible results.

Game Varsayd recommends not only fight with other players, but also learn how to build relationships. You must join a team, mainly because the development of the plot is due to team battles. It is also possible to establish trade relations. You can make transactions using auction or mail.

As the game spread model free-2-play, it's fun available to you absolutely free of charge. Engage in interesting exercise at your leisure - and you will forget what a bore! We can only wish you a pleasant experience and good luck!


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