War Thunder

Alternative names: War Thunder

The game War Thunder full immersion during the Great Patriotic War.

The game War Thunder is based on real events of the Second World War, using various military equipment of that time. The most developed aviation in the game, not so long ago, tanks and armored vehicles were connected to the project, the navy today is the development prospects for the game.

Developers very seriously approached the historical part of the project, the game Var Thunder completely recreates the real events of military operations. The user, having joined this project, gets to another time and can study the history of the Second World War independently participating in the events of that time. The historical component is not the only thing that is as close as possible to the truth, the developers when creating planes and tanks studied the features of each model, all units of military equipment coincide with the prototypes appearance and technical characteristics. The physics of the game itself, as close to reality as possible, the tank may be torn by caterpillars or damaged by running after a hard hit in the pit.

Air simulator, so originally conceived by the authors of this project, but the game went beyond the simple multiplayer online game, in which the main idea was military strategy and flight simulation. Adding additional technology to the project, the developers brought their project to a new global level. The most developed part of the game is the aviation base, in the project there are almost five hundred different aircraft, they are divided according to the countries producers:

  • USA;
  • Britannia;
  • Germany;
  • Japan.

In the game War Thunder, tanks appeared only in 2014, they are represented by models from three countries, the USSR, the USA and Germany. In late 2015, players expect a significant upgrade of armored vehicles, as the authors announced the joining of the army of Great Britain to the project.

Thinness Game War Thunder.

In order to join the project you need to download the game War Thunder, so this is the client version. Installing on the computer is not a big program, the player will start his journey in time online. To download Var Thunder requires a minimum of 1. 5 gigabytes of RAM and 3 on the hard drive. After installing the client, registration is required and the player receives the necessary basic resources.

Participate in battles in four combat modes, which are divided in turn in complexity. Beginners can choose to learn the arcade mode, in which there is an assistant, he will instruct in the intricacies of management and features of this model of technology. Simulator mode allows the player to feel like a pilot or tankman, down to the smallest detail, without turning the ignition key, you will not go anywhere and fly.

Combat actions are diverse, they can participate both as a team and independently:

  • Missions for one or co-op players - here you need to perform various special tasks or participate in battles against computer enemies;
  • Sessional team battles - they are attended by real players. Each team has 16 users, they are at war with each other. For victory, it is required to accomplish tasks, capture or destroy the enemy aerodrome;
  • Racing - competition between pilots in the passage of the track with maximum speed;
  • Events are the historical re-creation of genuine fights. In this kind of battles, only the technique that was present at a given place in a real war can participate.

The game is colorful, with excellent graphics and sound content, this project can rightfully be called the only one of its kind.


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