Alternative names: Wartune

Game Wartune - a free MMO RPG strategy, which contains elements of the social strategy and role-playing. The fascinating world of fantasy author Wartune online game will make players feel in the role of the magician, a knight or archer. Meaning Wartune online game is to keep the city under control and get the resources to build buildings.

Before playing the game Wartune, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128MB. Join in the game Wartune not take much of your time and easy:

1.                   On the main page, select the item « create account »;

2.                   Please enter your nickname;

3.                   Enter e - mail ;

4.                   Enter the password and confirm it;

5.                   Enter your date of birth;

6.                   Select « submit » Wartune and registration is over.

In Wartune Online you take on the role of the hero, which pool you can choose yourself as belonging to one of three different classes. Class defines a player's ability, he will have during battles in Wartune online game, while the floor - it is entirely a personal choice. Once you become a play Wartune, you will have access to some of the quests that are given to you as the original textbook. Initially, players learn and explore the world and engaged in combat battles Wartune online game. You will be able to play Wartune and in turn to attack each other automatically, until someone gives up first when the power runs out, although the player is also able to use the skills he had acquired, they usually have a strong or special effects. Develop as players in the game Wartune online, they will have a chance szdavat additional troops in their group that will attack automatically.

After the initial quests and combat intelligence Wartune online game players into the city and immediately take him under his wing. At this stage of the game you will build the city of currencies and funds collected. Wartune story online game in this section is very similar to such strategies.

From the standpoint of social functions Wartune game has real-time chat. Players can also use the special items, such as "megaphone" to broadcast messages of other players. This feature will be very useful when recruiting guild members Wartune online, but a large number of people who have actually used this feature, they say that it is useless.

In real-time chat, playing Wartune online game can also add each other to friends lists, enter the guild, to cooperate in a variety of jobs. In game Wartune also an element of tracking, ie is You can find out what guilds and players compete.

In general, Wartune online game is a pretty good game, as well as intense strategy. Game Wartune , of course, is not the perfect game, but in the story it is without doubt, deserves much higher performance compared to other competitors in the social network. The game contains a lot of content for a game that gives you the opportunity to explore Wartune online game in the long time, and thus, Wartune online deserves to play it!



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