Wasteland 2

Alternative names: Wasteland 2
Wasteland 2 pc - a project that extends the range of Wasteland. Games released under this name known not only for its excellent quality, it is inspired by the ideas of Wasteland developers, creating the famous Fallout. Despite the fact that since the release of the first game took many years (Wasteland was first presented to gamers in 1988! ), Forget it failed - was too good project. New Wasteland 2 - the game implemented thanks to gamers, confident in its success. In the West, attracting investor funds for a new project - a common occurrence. To do this, even opened a special resource - Kickstarter. Here you can find a variety of projects to be funded. If people believe in the success of resource ideas, and necessary for its implementation amount collected, the project is being implemented. So it was with Wasteland 2. Moreover, developers needed funds were raised in record time. Our review of the Wasteland 2 raise the veil of secrecy and tell some interesting facts about the game. So, all the basic steps of the project take place in the Southeast United States in mid-XXI century. Describes the events that occur after a terrible nuclear war between the superpowers USA and USSR. Actions take place in a few decades after the events described in the first part of the ruler. Getting into the game, the gamer becomes commander of the detachment. Begins gameplay just with creating your own squad. You will have a unique opportunity to play Wasteland 2 hand in hand with any of the characters, because its Ranger squad to create you own. Since then, strictly speaking, the gameplay begins. Because it's a real role-playing game, you will need to specify the maximum of useful information about your character: age, gender, religion. In the questionnaire, there is even a character field is highlighted to write a brief biography - if desired, can unleash the imagination. Everyone will be able to download Wasteland 2 only after the official presentation of the project, planned for the second half of 2014. In the meantime, the most complete impression of the game could only get lucky participating in the beta testing. Studying multiple reviews, we realized that the game did not disappoint. Gamers will be able to implement different strategies in the game, completing quests and interesting job. Initially in the squad will be only four people, but during the game you will be able to form a coalition with other units, recruit new fighters - get ready to use its diplomatic skills! Presenter of the game Wasteland 2 video trailer shows that heroes can now organize ambushes, allow you to save your own precious health points and take strength of the enemies. Immediately striking quality modern graphics - perfectly legible all the locations and characters appearance looks so realistic that after a few days spent in the game, unwittingly associating them to the list of their friends and acquaintances.

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