Watch Dogs

Alternative names: Watch Dogs
Game Watch Dogs - one of the most anticipated titles of the year. As representatives of developing the game Ubisoft Montreal, doubts arise as it can not for a second. Earlier, the company had already pleased the world such masterpieces as, for example, Far Cry and Assassin's Creed. Creators of the project as promised, it will be cool multiplatform game. Relatively genre affiliation is too early to say anything, but developers prefer to refer to the number of their offspring adventure militants. The main distinguishing feature of the future project legend - an open world. Most likely, the game will be available for consoles and PC. If you believe the announcements, the story Watch Dogs pc will be completely based on human abilities associated with breaking various electronic devices. Those who closely follow the world of gaming industry already know something about Storozhevykh hounds - the first official announcement of the project was presented to the public back in 2012 at a conference Ubisoft. According to legend, the main action of the plot take place in 2003, in the summer. The story tells the players about a serious accident, which occurred in New York grid. As a result of this tragedy to freedom escaped a terrible computer virus, whose actions may well lead to the death of humanity. The result of all these events - the city came under the control of fully-managed computer one major corporation. Well, that managed to intrigue you an unusual story (he's in truth unusual! ), Do not want any more to join the number of those who will be able to download the first Watch Dogs? According to preliminary information, the official launch of the project in May 2014, so the wait is very long. Soon you will be able to find out what New Yorkers are living in fear, knowing that the computer knows all their future actions. Moreover, this "smart machine" so clever that even the ability to read people's minds. Watch Dogs on the PC gamers makes it clear that the computer maintains a database for each, so that is to say, the device will not fall out of favor, you need to carefully think about every step. The protagonist of the game - Eyden Pierce. This man is not afraid to go against the system. He easily can crack devices of varying complexity. Hack phone, camcorder and even traffic lights are no problem. Guided by the objective plunge-taki computer Pierce is ready to face any danger. Watch Dogs continue our review of the story that the player will have during gameplay to focus on the work of the ill-fated computer to continue to use his knowledge against him the same. Of course, the overall impression of the game, we can get only after its official presentation. However pampered interesting mounted "based announcement» Watch Dogs video trailer can be today! And we will wait for you soon!

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