Wolfenstein: The New Order

Alternative names: Wolfenstein: The New Order, Wolfenstein: The New Order


Game Wolfenstein: The New Order event is a computer game in which occur in the first person. In this game you will plunge in the days after World War II, in which the outcome was quite different. Nazi Germany had won. And you are the only course of history.


In game Wolfenstein: The New Order registration is carried out quickly and fairly represented in the selected language. In order to register in the game Wolfenstein: The New Order You must specify the following:

1) Specify your user name and email address.

2) a password.


Play the game Wolfenstein: The New Order you will choose a character. Game Wolfenstein: The New Order offers you the following characters:

1) BJ Blaskowitz. He is an American and his 49 years. He is an officer of the Rangers in the first battalion. As a result of the events, he was sent to a psychiatric hospital. It was only after 14 years of imprisonment, he comes to his senses.

2) Anya Oliva. She is a Polish girl and her 37 years. She was born in a family of doctors and is doing everything possible with his family to save the wounded.

3) Irene Engel. She is from Germany and her 55 years. She is the founder of the German Union for girls. All her life she devoted army and army affairs. She was also managing one of the concentration camps.


In Wolfenstein: The New Order to play you, thinking through their plans in advance. First you have to escape from his place of residence in order to curtail the activities of the German invaders.

At your disposal of weapons will be only a knife and a gun.

Your opponents in the game Wolfenstein: The New Order online will

1) German Shepherd - she weak enemy. If your form, it will start to bark at you, and then will run up to bite.

2) Common soldier - he was armed with a pistol and wearing a brown uniform.

3) SS soldier - a soldier who is armed with MP-40 and dressed in a blue uniform.

4) Mutant - a creature like zombies. In his chest mounted machine.

5) The officer - dressed in a white dress uniform.

At the end of each episode of the game Wolfenstein: The New You have to meet the boss. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that you can not sneak up behind him. Boss also you will not notice until it sees, as it is completely deaf.

For each version of the operating system are different bosses.


Game Wolfenstein: The New Order offers you the following types of weapons:

1) The Knife - this is the most ineffective weapon that is used in the melee.

2) Luger Pistol - the firearm, which occurs in the first game.

3) Automatic MR-40 - one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

4) six-barreled gun - the most powerful weapon of the game.

Cartridges for machine gun and use the same. This is explained by real events.

Wolfenstein game in which you can get at the most difficult time for many countries. This is where you can take part in the bloody battle for their country and free it from the hated invaders.




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