World Of Steel: Tank Force

Alternative names: WoS, World of Steel

Game World Of Steel: Tank Force victory will be yours.

On the backdrop of many games about World Of Steel tanks: Tank Force is inferior in some ways, but there is also its zest in it. Represents her studio BraveTale, also decided to take part in the general enthusiasm for militants. Perhaps you are already familiar with her work on warships. Now you have the opportunity of World Of Steel: Tank Force download, and evaluate its potential. Expect something unusual from the project is not necessary. Strictly speaking, what is incredible and special can be seen in the next action game about tanks? If they do not grow wings, then this is the classic of the genre, where players master the terrain, periodically battle with enemies, earn money on this game currency and spend it on pumping equipment.

This technical characteristics should be taken into account, then the game weighs 77 M, the version for a mobile phone requires an Android version of at least 2. 3, but in fact from 4. 1, taking into account periodic updates. Although, for the sake of justice, I must say, they do not go out so often. However, those who wish can download World Of Steel: Tank Force to the computer, and enjoy what's happening on the big screen.

Features and passage.

The main feature that distinguishes the project from analogs is the lack of a team game. That is, you can fight only with a computer opponent, honing time after time tactics and behavior in different situations. But even with this game World Of Steel: Tank Force remains interesting with such components:

    • Too expensive donate with a minimum set of features
    • Not the original story
    • Difficulties with free upgrading of tanks
    • High requirements for Internet connection and the device for installation

    As already mentioned, the graphics here are really excellent, you can see even the glare of sunny bunnies on the body of combat vehicles and quite realistic smoke after the shots.

  • Good graphics
  • Excellent selection of equipment
  • Detailed cards
  • Dynamic fights
  • Ability to pump machinery
  • Easy control

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention and the parties are not very attractive:

But for all you have to pay, and in this case, the technical capabilities of your device. Another option of payment is real money for improved guns and tanks, additional bonuses and other donat. Prices start at 54.99 UAH. , reaching UAH 5,249.99. If you want to achieve everything yourself, well, that's commendable. In this case, be patient, because you will have to save money for new guns, armor, parts for the engine and so on. As the game progresses, players move up the levels, and this opens up new opportunities.

Like in similar toys, World Of Steel: Tank Force game provides a reward for success in battle, paying with coins. But in order to upgrade, will have to take part not in one, and not even in three battles. Improvements are quite expensive, and to achieve a more or less high level will have to try not to perish in the next battle. To act in the locations with different geographical features of the forest belt, snow-capped mountains, deserts and others. The change of the landscape is fast, so it will not be possible to admire the beauties overboard. What happens on the field is much more important, because the tanks are facing almost nose to nose, and the scale above them shows how much life is left in them.

K a word, in the toy there is its one significant plus the ability to choose a tank that will perfectly fit into the terrain conditions. To enhance its basic characteristics, use camouflage, and this will allow the car to merge with the landscape.


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