World of Mercenaries

Alternative names: World of Mercenaries

As practice shows, shooters with realistic graphics use, enjoy and will enjoy the crazy popular among gamers, regardless of their age, occupation and hobbies. Game World of Mercenaries - just such a project. At the moment, the exact release date it in the space network remains unknown, however, the project management has always supported the public informed. So, it became known that soon will start closed beta. Record same testing now open, so that anyone can get in line for this second access keys.

As promised the developers, World of Mercenaries online will be not a typical online multiplayer shooter, it will be something more. Created by the best European designers, the project will be a FPS with the possibility of interactive games. The basis of this project is the Unreal Engine 3. One of the most anticipated games will have all the favorite features. So, the characters will be constantly pumped, weapons - to improve the taste and needs, and to do all it can be totally free.

Since the game is online, it can be assumed that in the World of Mercenaries registration will be as necessary as in all other projects. Of course, on any advice on the registration is still too early to say. However, at this stage it is possible to note the fact that the game is missing a Russian interface, therefore, those who are not familiar with English, have to pull knowledge or buy a dictionary. In fact, control the game holds understandable and accessible.

It is known that after the start of the beta, players can download the setup file of the game on Steam. While it is impossible to say for sure whether it can be to play World of Mercenaries for free, but even if the project will be paid for, sure, its price will be adequate and appropriate, and it will be fully justify it.

Immediately after the start of the game you will become a man, which, of course, will have to carry out tasks of various kinds. As promised, the creators, the hallmarks of this game is the ability to customize the appearance and character, and his qualities, and weapons. You have the chance to create their own and play the game World of Mercenaries most powerful character in the world.

The choice will be offered nine character classes, which will be known later. It is already known that the choice of weapons in the game is just awesome, and the opportunity to improve it in the future will make you invincible. In the store, anyone can buy things to help achieve success in battle.


Basis gameplay - collective fights. Awaits a huge number of group fights and joint missions. In World of Mercenaries play will be interesting and fun through-out schedule. You'll notice even infrared sights, flames devouring the city and many other small items, which are not in other games closed eyes.


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