World of Speed

Alternative names: World of Speed
Game World of Speed ​​- another confirmation that the prefix «World of» can work wonders. Many gamers have probably noticed that the game developers are on the same scenario - they know how to win the attention of the players. Originally appeared lineup Call of long time used just crazy popular (so what cunning, to this day in this series of games played with gusto, not only representatives of the "old guard", but young "green" gamers). And now the time has come new original trend - in the names of new projects must be present word «World of». Ask a high level of quality have been able to see "Tanchiki", now World of Speed ​​online should be a worthy continuation of the business started. Just now held the last revision. All of the "bugs" fixed, added new and useful "features" - a game to fit the basic user requirements. Yes, you understood correctly, at the moment the project is in beta testing. Try your luck and apply for Everyone can join gamer expects most fortunate opportunity to be among the first to see what they had prepared for the project. To apply just enough to provide your e-mail address if you are lucky, there will soon access code. The total World of Speed ​​register now remains inaccessible. This project is made in the genre of arcade racing MMO. Worked on the development of the game are the same professionals that previously failed to release free swimming such a masterpiece as Need for Speed: Shift. I would suggest that hands of a master, and this time will be able to give something interesting! Found out that gamers lucky enough to ride on the highest quality routes Monaco, London, Moscow. In addition, there were rumors that the project will be a unique team race. That is, to play World of Speed ​​will be, only the support of like-minded people. Missions and tasks can be performed as a team. As for the tasks for such "team races", they can be very different, as players will need to try to do everything possible to come to the finish first, while still showing excellent results. There is reason to believe that the World of Speed ​​will be playing, enjoying marvelous graphics. Further, the present aesthetic pleasure in the project will deliver assembled fleet. Developers have gathered in your project best cars that ever produced. The game will be distributed by the scheme free-to-play. What is the truth about any special features spread too early to say. On one of the official press conferences creators World of Speed ​​online solemnly promised to take care of the game after its presentation. I'd love to believe that this promise will be kept, and the game will be constantly updated, improved and adapted to the demands of modernity.

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