World of Tanks

Alternative names: World of Tanks

Game World of Tanks for the most daring.

Tolko bold and decisive participants in the game World of Tanks will open up all the possibilities, giving hours, saturated epochal battle of World War II. Amazing realistic graphics with live effects leave no doubt that you are in real trouble. Tank, rattling tracks, makes the dust swirls. Cannons roar shots and shells are looking for the goal. Hundreds of armored models presented in the WORLD OF the tank, and it is not only built the machine, and designed, but not implemented. Now you can select them for playing multiplayer shooter to test potential.

Igrushka received many laudatory reviews, prizes and awards. It can be found in the Guinness book because of staying in one stage 91,000 players online. It recorded more than 100 million users, and the number is growing. You can also download free World of Tanks, to select the tank and go to battle.

Idem the hangar behind the tank.

Novopribyvshim tankers are given the opportunity to select a single tank with simple characteristics, belonging to different countries:

Esli all countries are models with low level of equipment, the UK has the average characteristics of the tank and a well-trained crew.

  • Yaponsky Renault Otsu
  • SSSR - MS-1
  • Kitaysky NC-31
  • Nemetsky Leichttraktor
  • Amerikansky T1 Cunningham
  • Frantsuzsky Renault FT
  • Angliysky Medium Vickers Mark I
  • Everyone understands that a long time with imperfect technique need not stretch pumping, to confront the enemy.

V battles earn"credits"that are spent on improvements:

  • Bashnyu
  • Orudiya
  • Hodovuyu chast
  • Radiostantsiyu
  • Dvigatel

Vse that could replace, can be sold for half the price, and the resulting capital to reserve for new purchases. Soon, the difference between the primary and the snap that you could do would be obvious. But the strengthening of the tank does not guarantee victory, it says any newcomer. Accuracy of personal action and team cohesion increase the possibility of winning significantly. They play the role of factors:

  • Tolschina and view broni
  • Ugol popadaniya
  • Tip shell and uskorenie

Komanda of 14 shows tanks of different models and countries. Together, they seize territory and keep them under control. The greater the level of cohesion and pumping equipment, the victory will be sleeker. It is awarded if you are on the occupied territory for a long time without their own losses. Among themselves the representatives of the detachment were talking in a text chat or microphone, coordinating actions. Padded machine are sent to the hangar for repairs, and you can wait for him, watching the battle from the side, or select another, and then rush into the thick of things. Those who wish to join the tank strategy proposed fast registration World of Tanks:

  • Elektronnaya pochta
  • Imya
  • Parol confirmation in additional pole
  • characters
  • Vvod kartinki
  • Soglasie with pravilami
  • Esli have an invite code, please enter ego

Na moment created a lot of World of Tanks video in which the players are taught to build tactics to improve the tanks, take into account the mistakes committed earlier, light and innovation tournaments. Among them World of Tanks 10. 0 that gamers have been waiting for a long time.

  • Dlya high level tanks entered"Fight to the last"
  • Novichki may initially to practice battle with computer botami
  • Zatronuli change the principle of blowing out the enemies within the available contact - instead of a square circle is now used.

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