World of Warplanes

Alternative names: Wield of warpleens, wowp, wards of warpleens

World of Warplanes online - free browser-based multiplayer game of military subjects, the events that unfold in real time. You are transported in turbulent hours Second World War. Company Wargaming . Net , creator of the project, gives users a truly immersive MMO-shooter, dedicated to aviation 30s - 50s. Sitting behind the wheel of iron birds, you take part in the great battles that occur in the air. You can not use the same plane, and whole hundreds. While each of them has its own characteristics, weapons and abilities. Learn how to manage different types of aircraft, and the game WOW sparkle with all the colors for you. You will after all chances to win supremacy in the expanse of heaven!

Before playing World of Warplanes , you must ensure that your computer meets the following minimum system requirements: Operating system Windows [_2_ ] XP , Vista , 7; processor ( CPU ): 2. 2 GHz compatibility DirectX 9. 0 c ; graphics GeForce 7600 GT or ATI X 1600; extension 1024, height 720 pixels and 2 GB of RAM. Get into historical times will help you World of Warplanes registration. Create account is not difficult. You just need to fill in a few fields: player name, email address, password, password repetition, characters from the image. Keep in mind that the fact of creating an account, you accept the terms of the agreement.

So, you started World of Warplanes play and, of course, you really wonder what is what. You will be asked to choose from four classes of vehicles. This single-engined fighters (light, effective in dogfights), twin-engine fighter (heavy, very dangerous, with powerful weapons), attack (famous as hunters ground targets), and carrier-based fighter (middle ground between light and heavy fighters). They all have unique characteristics that have several options of weapons, and may behave differently in combat. Feel more and more new air planes leading superpowers - it will tickle indescribable pleasure! After make a choice, you should join one of the teams. Gamers are divided into two teams to fight among themselves. In addition, each team has a ground base. It is the destruction of enemy bases will mean victory. Success is marked by the accrual of experience and credits, which are then used at your discretion. For example, studies on the new package or additional modules.

Game World Military aircraft requires constant pumping your feathered friends. After all the equipment is divided into levels. So you start with the gameplay of the hangar where the aircraft is worth three first level. Yes, already trying to manage their first, maybe primitive aircraft, you will feel how quickly carries gameplay. But all the fun is yet to come! You can get started pretty quickly. It suffices to study a couple of tricks to fight on equal terms with the terrible enemies.

In step PTA proposed mode "Excellence." But this is not the limit and eventually developers will try to surprise you by adding new modes. So in the near future are going to connect interesting mode called "Escort", which implies support group bots bombers to target. It's all about the prospects for each user, in the meantime, if you're just a beginner, will undergo a special training regime.

Game World of Warplanes able to please you infinitely dynamic events memorable pursuit of the enemy, rapid, hot fights and a huge amount of available aircraft. Rate it all appreciated! Let the game will bring only positive emotions!


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