World of Warships

Alternative names: World of Warships

Free client strategic IMO action game, which allows participants in turbulent events of the early twentieth century to embark on an exciting sea voyage. This game is a continuation of the famous series from the company Wargaming. no. Here you have to manage numerous ships and now and then to meet in the showdown between groups of players. Grandiose epic battles will amaze the imagination of even seasoned users. To select the championship among worthy rivals, you will have to carefully develop tactics, skillfully plan each step. Remember that in this troubled world there can be anything: both flanking attacks, unexpected ambushes, and open violent clashes. You must show great courage and ingenuity, and also be a wise leader of a large fleet of warships. Forward! You are waiting for exciting events!

In order to play World of Warships, your computer must meet the following minimum system requirements:

  • operating system Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7;
  • processor 2. 2 GHz;
  • video card of the level of GeForce 7600GT or ATIX1600;
  • screen extension 1024, height 720 pixels;
  • not less than 2 GB of RAM.

World of Warships registration will take you to the sea. Net, you do not need to recreate it. You can log in from an existing account. Keep in mind that with the rules of the game World of Warships you must be completely and completely agree. Since you have become a legitimate inhabitant of an incredible world, you should familiarize yourself with its main elements. Players can choose from different ships. They differ in firepower, speed, armor and strength. You will have access to the following classes:

  1. avianos - can provide remote support from the air. In this difficult business they are assisted by numerous links of deck aviation;
  2. cruisers and battleships - differ in power and weight. They can boast of direct hits of deadly volleys. No wonder they are afraid of even the steepest ships;
  3. destroyers - small size, brisk ships, which are very effective during group attacks. No opponent can withstand the confrontation with them, without becoming exhausted to the side-chapel.

But you do not think that the enemy can be defeated, I use some kind of ship. Only cooperation with allies is a guarantee of the desired result. You, in turn, should always competently manage wardships. As they say, one for all, and all for one! Help your team win, experience this heady sense of success!

As in previous projects, World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, the game Battle ships allows gamers to use credits, earn gold and experience. Each your achievement is marked by a reward. And this means that your future is literally in your hands! The richer you will be, the more you can afford. After all, the improvement of ships requires costs, and the purchase of additional modules always pours out a pretty penny.

World of Warships Play You will be on different battle cards. The territory of action of the game stretches from the coasts of Northern Europe to the archipelagoes of the Pacific Ocean. Believe me, you will, where to walk! The highlight of the gameplay is the change of weather conditions. You will have to learn how to adapt to different adversities, and if the sun shines on the horizon - so this is another reason to enjoy life! The World of Military Ships will please users with the dynamics of the development of events, beautiful realistic graphics, simplicity of control, the choice of the most suitable style of the game. Be convinced on own experience in advantages of the given excellent game! Let the gameplay process give you a lot of pleasant emotions!


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