WWE 2K14

Alternative names: WWE 2K14
WWE 2K14 game was created specifically for the real die-hard fans of wrestling. It allows fans of this sport is not only always remain aware of the latest news, but also organize their own battles, to create new members and help them win championships. Today the project is considered to be the most interesting and high-quality simulation of all wrestling games ever existed. The creators of the game to fend not throw her for a day. Work to improve and better gameplay, interface and control are conducted daily. Result of programming effort on the face - WWE 2K14 pc maximally adapted to the modern requirements of players, and a simple and intuitive controls allow unhindered play is all groups of gamers. Comparing the new design to its predecessors, it is safely possible to note that WWE 2K14 on the PC is more dynamic, and its navigation system was changed almost beyond recognition. During the game, all the innovations will become even more visible, "veteran" player immediately understand that the actions of the characters have become more active and dynamic, but the animation when dragging objects opposite - nicely slowed. The only thing remains unchanged - all the steps in the project are linked to events in the world of professional wrestling in reality. In WWE 2K14 play will appeal to many. If the original lineup to one's soul, mainly representatives of more grown "gaming elite," that with the introduction of new elements to the game and improvements in its shelf fans wanting to download WWE 2K14, at any cost, came, and most of the recruits were young people. The success of the new part (s realized in her ability to customize the wrist bandages and acceleration combat attacks, as well as an increased level of complexity) of the project can only guess. Today it has attracted the interest of over a million players, imagine what will happen next. As mentioned above, the difficulty level of this project was upgraded, so now WWE 2K14 characters will fight more desperately, trying to give all the best to all the 200 or even 300 percent. Finally, the game will make the way that real wrestling atmosphere reigning in the room during the actual fights. So, for example, one of the brightest innovations was the possibility (or rather - the obligation) to complete the capture of each attack. In this case, all the characters were able to throw your opponent into the air, catching it picturesquely in the fall and very impressive after all done by completing the attack. All this drama will give function, ascertaining the proximity of a player to the loss. Even from a prepared presentation to WWE 2K14 video trailer you know that from now on in the project will be to create their own characters in a pattern which is taken as a basis for real-life wrestlers. Feel the real arbiter of the destinies of sports can be arranging their own championships.

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