Alternative names: HSOM 2, X- Com 2

Game XCOM 2: Earth against aliens.

Game 2 was a continuation of XCOM XCOM: Enemy Unknown, known to gamers in 2012. Trace and tactical strategy role-playing game studio Firaxis Games is the publisher 2K Games, developing the story in which the characters are after 20 years after the invasion of alien creatures.

Out of the second part was scheduled for November 2015, but the developers decided to push back the possibility of XCOM 2 5 download. 02. 2016 with a view to modify certain roughness gameplay. Judging by the reviews of the Enemy Unknown, the game led to the delight of fans of the genre, and a new project with his innovations will be even more impressive.

Skachat XCOM will be 2 for Windows, Linux and OS X. Dynamically generated levels

  • Baza became peredvizhnoy
  • Lack resursov
  • Slozhnost passing missiy
  • Novye species more dangerous protivnikov
  • Sozdanie new classes of soldiers and kampaniy
  • Vozmozhnost give soldiers and weapons own unique vid

Game features and storyline.

Invasion of alien army ended in failure for earthlings aliens took control of the city and the infrastructure. Their statements about the elimination of hunger, aggression and disease seem well-intentioned, but it is only a mask behind which the constant control, suppression of the individual and the increasing arrests of discontented.

In the major metropolitan areas of

people under constant pressure and control, and only on the peripheries of a little more freedom, allowing you to organize resistance groups. It is here that the rebirth of XCOM.

people turnt alien ships in the mobile base"Avenger", but many of them are in need of restoration, and for that we need money. If the first part of the players had international support with access to resources and money, and now you have to be resourceful to get needed, especially since the enemies have become more sophisticated and dangerous, to adapt to life on earth. This is a new concept of game play, complicating the implementation of tasks, but it introduces an element of a creative approach to problem solving.

Players can create

soldiers, changing their gender, ethnicity, exterior features and customized features: tattoos, scars and so on. d. Weapons, too, can be painted in a color and apply a pattern, and even be inherited.

Strategy XCOM 2 PC gameplay divides into two parts:

  • Osnovnye problems: resource allocation, reporting from a proactive point, the distribution of tasks between the personnel database;
  • Vedenie battles: step by step actions of the soldiers with a mission advanced by a predetermined distance and made ​​a shot / blasting.

If the first toy people have access to technology, resources, satellite communications, and other benefits, he is now cut off from it. No more crowds of scientists and countless armies, but only a small group of volunteers who are not resigned to the situation, and you will soon remember them personally.

The task force present:

  • Gart Dindzhelis restored alien ship and turned it into the center of a secret cell of people;
  • Shen daughter of the deceased engineer, continues his father's work in progress;


  • Richard chief scientist for XCOM, is responsible for medicine.
    • grenade
    • Reyndzhery
    • Spetsialisty
    • Snaypery

    Za management, technical and scientific development is now meet three faces:

  • Zvukovaya card with DirectX compatible 11,

System minimum requirements

  • OS: 64bit; Windows 7
  • OP 4 Gb
  • Protsessor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 2,6 GHz / AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core 2,6 GGts
  • Videokarta: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 5770 Memory 1 GB
  • Mesto disk space: 45 GB

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