XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Alternative names: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Most big fear for every person on earth - the unknown. Unexplored parasites, aliens, zombies - all this for centuries terrifies people. Game XCOM: Enemy Unknown offered his own version of human conflict and uncertainty. Or, to be more exact, humanity and alien monsters. Even despite the fact that the game developers used the already familiar methods and known to many since childhood legends, overview of the project was not spoiled. And besides, the previous creation of XCOM was released so long ago that most gamers safely forget about it.

Immediately fans of horror fantasy, soul not foreclosing in projects like XCOM, should be warned that XCOM: Enemy Unknown pc - this is not the continuation of familiar games, and its reissue. Actually, this explains the fact that the main characters do not understand the majority seemed to have known all over the world of things. Therefore, we strongly recommend that even those gamers who consider themselves to be a pro in this game, before leaving to head gameplay, walking developers proposed "basic training."

To start the game, you will need XCOM: Enemy Unknown download. Today it can be done quickly and easily by using torrents. Also, be sure you have in mind there are a couple or three suitable resources. Going into the project, you will learn that the meeting earthlings with alien visitors did not go on the planned scenario - started an intergalactic war. The main goal of the enemy - some organization XCOM. The last is a huge amount of best warriors for weapons that use the most powerful weapon.

In XCOM: Enemy Unknown mission even the slightest look so realistic that at some time you catch yourself thinking that fear sneaks you truly. One of the important changes implemented in the new project, we can assume the abolition of action points. But classes remained unchanged

1. The machine-gunners are able to effectively hold the positions of enemies.

2. Soldiers support assist teammates in any hour of need.

3. Stormtroopers are strong and agile.

4. Snipers are capable of hitting targets even from the most remote distances.

Continue our XCOM: Enemy Unknown review should be a story about the suit with built-in motors. This will allow the suit to move between locations with the speed of light. Powerful armor reliably protect against bullets of enemies, and from the looks of camouflage disguise detractors. Many gamers will be delighted that the project has finally been implemented more or less successful system of shelters - this lack of long tormented fans of the game.

Prepare to be that sometimes enemies can attack in groups - not the most comely sight. What surprises you more prepared for the project can be seen in assembled for XCOM: Enemy Unknown video trailer! From the movie you will get information about all the changes made and benefits.


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