Alternative names: XGame-Online, XGame Online

So today we present you a new game in the genre MMORTS - XGame online. This game will not leave anyone indifferent fans of Star Wars and other space fantasy. Feel like you're a beginner ruler of the desert planet and join the battle for power in the universe with real online players. Discover new system and galaxy, explore uncharted planet. System improvement of weapons in real time will not allow you to relax completely. Take part in an online "arms race", the results of which have a crucial role in the alignment of forces in the universe XGame online.

To play the game XGame online you do not need additional installation of the game client. The game is absolutely free and to participate in it you must be passed fast and uncomplicated Join game XGame online.

To XGame online game became available go to page XGame online game, where he immediately appears the registration window. You are required to enter your new login, password confirmation and accept the user agreement.
When XGame online registration successfully completed, you can begin his new duties planetary control. Play the game online XGame you start on a deserted and empty planet with a small margin of minerals. Little, but - again, enough to start. These resources you need to start your basic infrastructure of the planet, build mines, stations, factories, shipyards, laboratories, and other useful facilities.

Shipyard need to develop a defensive component of your planet, which is a prerequisite for the future conquest of the galaxy XGame online. But closing firmly secure the planetary base, not too many navoyuesh. So it is necessary to build a powerful space fleet to expand their holdings.
Also XGame online - a game in which the participation in the galactic war, the Soviets seek the help of allies, which can easily be found among the other online players. Through the joint efforts will be much easier to build your own empire. Play XGame online can also be for the purpose of getting into the gaming section "Hall of Fame" than you glorify himself and his home planet.

Novoyavlenny ally will help you in extracting missing, but the necessary resources for you. To do this, turn the trade with them the best deal by making them their permanent trading partners. Make up your own trading strategy to deprive your enemies necessary resources. XGame online - a universe where deadly play alone.

To seize power in the online game XGame must always be a step forward in the development of technologies on your planets. Right strategy studies will allow you, for example, to instantly transfer your fleet in other galaxies, in the heart of the enemy. Send as many scout ships to explore new spaces, because knowledge is power.

From the outset, you will need to make a choice of three options for the development of your character. Naturally this choice affects all of your subsequent game. Select a Class "Shakhtar" would allow for greater resource extraction and construction of buildings. Class "scientists" to make an emphasis on scientific research activities of your planet. To quickly create an efficient space fleet - Class "Pilot".

You - a true leader of the planet. And to prove it is necessary to create a strong economic and military system of the planet with regular technological improvement. XGame online registration is waiting for you.


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