Alternative names: XNova online

XNOVA online is a popular browser games in the CIS strategy in the genre of space wars. The main activity in your XNOVA online is colonization of new planets and galaxies. Space and scattered it galaxy systems and planets need a strong Lord of the ability to combine them into one empire. Now you can try yourself in the difficult military affairs in the vast boundless space.

To play XNOVA online requires registration in the game XNOVA. Also available XNOVA registration through accounts in @ mail. ru and social network VKontakte. Otherwise, you are invited to fill the elementary Register XNOVA. In the appropriate fields enter your data: e-mail, new password and confirm that you are a real person and not a robot. After reading and agreeing with the rules and basic provisions activate your account in the game via email and online game XNOVA open for you.

After registration you must choose one of the universes (servers) XNOVA online where at your disposal is given one planet. However, make no mistake so, at first glance, a generous gift. After first playing the game online XNOVA you start virtually uninhabited and undeveloped planet. You will be asked a lot of effort and abilities leaders have to prepare this unpopulated piece of stone into a real military base. Also do not forget about the economy and scientific research. Do not delay implementation of those conditions, to create a powerful army for offensive and defensive actions.

Do not focus on your starting planet because to successfully play XNOVA, you have to keep nomads way of life and colonize new planets. Be yourself as a skilled diplomat. Enclose profitable alliances, declare war, conclude lucrative trade agreements with other players.

Continuing to play the game online XNOVA and committing war exploits Stavani party backstage fighting. Create a dense web of intrigue and conspiracy in the universe XNOVA. Properly planning all their machinations, you will create the best conditions for future battles with your enemies. Enter into Alliance with strong players and yourself become strong. Enclose a trade agreement and deprive your enemies opportunity to obtain the necessary resources for development. But be careful, because the other players are capable of the same. They are people just like you. Therefore, carefully choose for themselves trusted friends and allies not to become a victim of a conspiracy.

Diplomacy XNOVA online is not spicy seasoning to a great dish, namely one of the most important components. Do not forget that in the fight against a powerful new enemy, you can find salvation is to win over the old enemy weaker.
Select spacecraft that provides Online game XNOVA, leave happy all fans of tactics and strategy. Choose your own, you suitable tactics of warfare. Work out devastating raids on the wrong planet or gradually, with minimal destruction expand you created an empire. Each combat unit in the game has its own strengths and applications. Therefore, the principle of "more - the better" does not apply here. Carefully dial ships in your fleet. Only powerful, versatile army led by good tactics can perform the most complex tasks with minimal losses.

Dial in your best army officers, who provide all kinds of spacecraft combat bonuses from firepower to airspeed. Also with them you can perform a variety of quests, which throws a game and get useful bonuses.
Officers needed to manage the fleet of space will give you different bonuses that will help to develop the combat power of the ships. They can also be useful to perform a variety of tasks, which abound in the game. Their performance brings you useful bonuses.

Can not delay! Maybe someone else has already registered XNOVA online and began to play, create your own Napoleonic plans. But it is too late! Collect your fleet and start to play the game online XNOVA.


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