Alternative names: XNOVA 2.

XNOVA Game 2. 0 - free strategic space online browser game. You have to do more nor less, no more - and the development of its space empire, with, first, before anything nor noticeably underdeveloped planet. But it is only at first glance. In fact, your planet is a storehouse of resources and have a place where to start to deploy empire. XNOVA 2. 0 play the first thing to do mining mines. They will give you the opportunity to save up resources and then be sure to proceed with further development of infrastructure of the planet, because you can not get involved in a production of various kinds of resources. First gamer Peering your planet, immediately attacked and conquered it with ease. Should engage in the construction of various types of facilities and protective nature, lay and constantly increase their space fleet. XNOVA 2. 0 must play carefully and do not forget that the development of industry, the Army and Navy is impossible without technology - they need to learn and improve. Prepare that XNOVA 2. 0 online you can not get hung up on anything. As time passes, your planet's resources will be depleted. And sooner or later, will be a challenge in front of you - where and, most importantly, how to find new and new planets to absorb. Storyline XNOVA 2. 0 designed so that the user gets a choice before: play the game XNOVA 2. 0 and find someone abandoned or uninhabited planet or go the way of war and plunder. Last path - as bloodthirsty it would not look - the most interesting and exciting. But, remember to turn off this way can only be achieved if the technology has reached the desired level and your space fleet, both in quantity and in terms of power - ready to engage in a bloody battle. Since each ship has its pros and cons, your fleet, ideally, should be represented by different types of interplanetary space monsters. But that's not all.

Gameplay XNOVA 2. 0 online is designed so that alone, even with the most powerful space fleet, you do not necessarily win. You to achieve your goal you will need to negotiate, and to unite with the fleets of other gamers. Such political alliances allow huge battle, to be attended by the combined fleets of each of the parties. And they will fight not for individual planets, but for entire star systems.

You can not say any more about some of the remarkable characteristics of the game. Firstly, the game XNOVA 2. 0 developers "settled" six different races - is the Borg, finders, peacekeepers, corsairs, warlocks and Minmatar. Note that each race has its own fleet, its mission and has unique features. Second, you can receive a variety of both civil and military awards, giving additional bonuses. Thirdly, XNOVA 2. 0 You will not find any accidental or unnecessary ship or building. And despite the fact that their game a tremendous set. Believe me, you can easily transfer and even fourth, and fifth ... It is not necessary to list all - need to re-visit the site of the game http://xnova-online. com , where you first mandatory waiting XNOVA 2. 0 registration, and passing it to start playing XNOVA 2. 0 free. Play game XNOVA 2. 0 is very exciting, make it!


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