Forgotten Dimension

Alternative names: Forgotten Worlds

I greet you in the world of the Forgotten measurements! This world, concealing many dangers! A world full of endless battles with monstrous creatures mysterious Army Rift!

Game Forgotten online measurement - the embodiment of all the best from games like online kombats! This project was released in January 2008, but in a short time was incredible fame and gained respect among online players. Join us and you will not regret!

Online game Forgotten measurement fraught magic. Here magic and steel as a whole are inextricably linked! You're going to participate in the incredible battles with monstrous creatures to pit and compete in agility with other gamers.

Play the game online measurement Forgotten very interesting! In this world there are no boundaries and no limits, it all depends on you. Traveling and exploring the ancient gallery floors, will fight with its inhabitants for underground mining diamonds. Developing your character, create your own unique set of bladed weapons and armor.

Collected by loyal companions and go in Reverse portal for rare elixirs, potions and amazing things that you need in the game Forgotten measurement.

Play Forgotten measurements and more exciting because here a large variety of character classes, a variety of types of earnings and various game addiction. Your character will be able to improve things and learn new skills.

In Forgotten measurements online you'll never be bored by the unique system of hostilities. In addition to all this magical world is in constant update.

At the beginning of the game Forgotten measurement online, all players are equal. But developing your character, you choose who to be and what class belong.

Character classes with a total of seven. This Warriors, Mages, Necromancers, Priests, merchants, craftsmen Keepers order. Each class has its advantages:

• Warriors - skilled craftsmen weapons and armor. Members of this class are strong, agile and incredibly hardy.

• Magee wise and intelligent, they are very strong in his element.

• Necromancers - it sorcerers, fascinated by the world beyond the grave, have knowledge brutal dark magic.

• But priests - holy class, which aims to heal and heal from wounds received in battle. Most experienced clerics are able to recreate the character, who was killed in battle.

• Merchants fabulously rich, they can get almost everything that exists in this world.

• Problem Artisans forge weapons, work on construction sites and mine gems in the mines.

• A guardian of the law are the Keepers of the order. Keepers monitor compliance with the order and do not like dark wizards.

Will demonstrate their masculinity and valor in fierce battles arose under the banner of sunrise or sunset in the Astral wars of destruction.

But tough fight is not the limit! Your way is in the world, which became a place of constant fierce battles, carrying death. Place for the forces that seek to enslave ordered.

You have to know himself, his ego and define who you are: Light? Darkness? Neutral? Or Bandit? Decision for you! Maybe you - the last hope for victory in this eternal war!

Playing the game online Forgotten measurement, you will become a master of a deadly weapon or cold-powerful ruler of the currents of magic!

Join in the game forgotten measurement is very simple. You will need to go to the official site and fill out basic information. After receiving the letter to your e-mail, and confirming the application, you'll be a full player in the forgotten dimension! Do not miss your chance!


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