Alternative names: Zaporozhye
Zaporozhye game that loved by many users of social networks Vkontakte and classmates. This game belongs to the genre of simulators. In Zaporozhye online game you will realize that life is beautiful, not only in the city but also in the countryside. Nevertheless, you need to handle their own land, grow plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables, which in itself is very exciting. In the game you will play Zaporozhye, first creating your character. Create a character as follows: Choose the gender of your hero. Choose for your character looks. After this, you will need to put it. Then you will need to get to work. In Zaporozhye game play online you will be as follows, first you will need to completely clear their plots of land from the trees and bushes, rocks, and other pests. Those spaces that you freed from unnecessary objects, you will need to break their beds and then sow them. In his yard you will need to build barns, stables and then, and his mill. Before buying animals you will need to pay attention to how many times you need to feed them in the day. Also with feeding in the game you free Zaporozhye contains the information about the benefits that these animals are brought to you. In the left part of the screen will appear the tasks that you need to be sure to perform. During the game, you will certainly need to watch for any of these tasks. If your order will be executed correctly and on time, you are sure to get the bonuses, as well as experience and currency. Game Zaporozhye schoolmates provide you with bonuses. All bonuses can change all that can facilitate the assimilation level. Each of the steps will reduce the amount of energy your character. For a certain amount of time the stock will resume, but if the circumstances are such that it is necessary to fill up immediately, then you should buy food, as well as to organize dinner. For the currency you sell food for you. To build houses you should purchase construction materials, as well as wood. Buy these materials you can, cutting down trees growing circle. Materials You can also get or have a winning game for instructions, or else produce a special mission. For example, in his barn you have the opportunity to create a board of wood, and of stone bricks do for yourself. Besides, facilities periodically profitable (every six hours creating wood). This game has the following features: 1. systematic updating and successful actions. 2. a huge amount of fun activities. 3. unique gifts and awards. 4. a huge selection of variations guises characters. 5. friendly neighbors are the main features that make your game much more interesting. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the farm in Zaporozhye, which will surely surprise you with its features.

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