Alternative names: Outland

Outland online - interesting role-playing game that takes place in a magical world where islands float in the sky, where there are dark dungeons and beautiful forests. All locations are full of various dangers, and it adds spice to the adventure.

Registration in Outland game is as follows. First you go through Outland registration on the site, and then you need to download the game client to get access to the game. In Outland, online registration is not very complicated and you do not spend much time trying to get access to the gameplay.

System requirements for online game Outland following:

• Processor - 500MHz;

• Internal Memory PC - 128,

• The required amount of hard disk space - 35MB;

• Video card with support for OpenGL;

• HTTP-connection to the Internet at a speed of 16Kb / s

• Installed JAVA 1.

It is important not to forget that in order for that to play in Outland is important to configure JAVA 1. 5. Necessary JAVA version can be downloaded directly from the website of the game. Most modern computers meet these requirements and you can easily get access to the game Outland.

Travel to the magical world of Outland, you will encounter various monsters, which are divided into 20 classes. A total amount available for killing bots over a hundred. This creates an excellent opportunity for diversity and combat game that will satisfy even the most avid desire and experienced players who have gone more than a game project.

Play the game online Outland need developing his character. You can pump him different skills, combined in such types: magic, processing, alchemy, kushernoe thing weapon business and intellectual aesthetes - jewelry. All these skills allow you to create various accessories that make life easier for your good character. For the production of game objects and artifacts used different materials in Outland also have different classes. Such materials are: wood, leather, metal, elements, components, and gems. Bizarre combination of materials, combined skills and designs can create amazing things. Thanks to these amusing associations play in Outland is always interesting and never boring.

Play the game online Outland interesting collecting different types of items. Objects can receive completing quests, killing bots, as well as looking into the nooks, where he may be hiding the treasure. With a special perseverance you can collect sets of objects of the same type (eg Ice things, rage or armor set great archer), brought together a complete set, you get an extra bonus. In total in the game now created nearly fifty different sets that will enable you to become an amazing and rare warrior.

Outland online game in which the gaming space represented the five magical islands floating in the sky. All the inhabitants of the heavenly islands belong to two warring camps of Order and Chaos, which are also divided into three types: warriors, miners and creators. Reaching the fifth stage of development, you will need to decide which way you closer Chaos and Order. Just in Outland there are so many different professions, so that hard-working players are left without means of subsistence.

Outland game online - this is a great way to have a good time and relax from everyday problems. The magical world of Outland allows you to fully express their imagination and develop imagination. This is an interesting and exciting game.


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