Alternative names: Zenobian
Zenobian game is great peace of the universe, which is located on six continents! The main features of this game is the ability to enhance and develop their kingdom. Here combine elements RPG, MMORTS, card board game. The game has PvP, lots of interesting stories and more than 180 dangerous dungeons with caches and 1500 spectacularly decorated card call! The game world is amazingly common with reality and not only the changing seasons. Play the game Zenobian means to build cities, manage armies, set pumping heroes and skillfully use the cards! To build new types of buildings, put on equipment and elite zapoluchat rare card allows the passage of dungeons. Maps of different types - if some call monsters, others provide a gain characteristics of the hero or increase productivity of the process, and so on. h. There are special awards for the full collection of maps. Moreover, in the original network strategy can be developed from two to twenty characters (it is worth noting that each of them their own army)! Zenobian online offers a small excursion into prehistory: last inhabitants Zenobia came out victorious in the battle over the forces of darkness. And now, after 500 years of evil again reminded of itself. Only courageous people alive fighting spirit ancestors, and they are ready to meet the monsters! The trouble is that there is no unity among the people. Game Zenobia wonderfully combines military strategy card game and sitibilder. The player will not only create and develop their own city, but also to fight for their own survival, to fight in the dangerous dungeon and PvP with other mayors. The war against evil is carried out constantly, lack of resources makes life harder and harsher (individual fields can capture only the guild). Even when your state razrastёtsya outside the capital, when the townspeople would regularly pay taxes, fight for resources will not stop. You will be able to fight with other gamers, both independently and as part of alliances, clans. There is an opportunity to develop fighting skills and earn a reputation. Play a special Academy, which allows to increase the chances of winning. Thus, the player can pump skills and expand their sphere of influence, collecting cards call of characters and monsters. The game has a place of magic, so the battles will often use various spells. In short, play Zenobian read - to develop! Those who like the strategy can immediately visit the game's official website Zenobian, and create your account. Zenobian registration is elementary and consists of the following items: Enter your e-mail address; Enter the password previously invented; Repeat the above password; Confirm your acceptance of the terms of this Agreement; Click to register. Evil can not be to concede an inch! Multiply feat of ancestors! Join the ranks of the patriots of justice and goodness! Sincerely wish to enjoy the game! Zenobian worth you to spend it on some of my free time!

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