Call of the Dragon

Alternative names: call of the dragon, dragon game call, the call of the dragon online, call the dragon online game, play online call of the dragon

Dragons - this mythical characters that attract people's attention for a long time. They are mentioned in fairy tales, legends and movies. Computer games are also no exception. Offered for your consideration a browser online game Call of the Dragon - MMORPG in Russian.

If you like this genre of games, then go ahead, but before registration review the system requirements for the PC:

·                    Operating System Windows Vista/7/XP/NT/2000

·                    Processor Pentium III 1000 Mhz

·                    The RAM 512 Mb

·                    Internet connection 56KB (Modem) or faster

·                    Browser .

As you may have noticed already, the game is suitable for even the office version of the computer. Join in the game Call of the Dragon standard: the official website of the game press the button to create an account, which will open the page where you are asked to enter an email address, password, and the name by which you will know on the forum. Here are accepting the license agreement, and you press the big red button to play. At this your registration Call Dragon finished. And you get to a page with-drawn world map Stilland has marked the location of game servers. Here choose a game server, and goes to the character creation page. It is immediately noted that to play the game online Call of the Dragon you will for the human race. You have to choose between heroes like

·                     Warrior

·                     Mage

·                     Assassin

·                     Vampire

Warriors - are the heroes who have the skills to melee and have a high level of protection. Magee specialize in applying magic attack at a distance.

Assassin - fast and cold-blooded warrior who in battle can frustrate opponents. Vampires can specialize in spells, can be treated and have other bonuses.

Choosing the sex of the character and specialization, as well as by its name you can start playing the game online Call of the Dragon. Call to start the Dragon online game will offer you to receive training at the end of which you have mastered the control system in the game.

Walked around the city and doing some quests, you can immediately Call of the Dragon online to earn a few levels. Obtained for each level your game character gets 5 points, which you at its discretion is distributed between the main characteristics of the character:

·                     Luck

·                     Power

·                     Intelligence

·                     Endurance

·                     Agility

City where you find yourself when you're in Call of the Dragon to play a standard structure. There you can visit the town hall, shops that sell weapons, accessories, find the market arena and can pay a visit to other standard structure.

Game Call of the Dragon online differs from most online games because it provides an opportunity to train your character without the personal participation of the player (in offline mode). But this kind of training did you spend action points, which are replenished every morning. Ample opportunities are opened for fans to improve things in the game. Here is where to turn: You can arrange the items, clean them, analyze, improve, embed objects in the runes and even spiritualize them.

It is worth noting that the game has a threshold of maturity: up to level 10 banned battle between players and over 10 - you can fight in the arena. But in the arena you can not spend more than 20 fights a day. During the battle in the arena of your character gets a rating and honor. All the rest can go to kill animals and do quests that give NPCs. Fight against monsters in the game takes place without participation of the game character.

Earn money and experience when you run out action points your character will be able to apply for a labor exchange.

Play Call of the Dragon will appeal to fans and team games, since the formation of guilds in the game provided by the developers. Joining the guild, your character will be able to use the guild buildings, as well as take part in the battles between guilds.

Call of the Dragon online registration will allow you to plunge into the magical world filled with adventure. Here everyone can find something special.


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