Star Colony

Alternative names: Starscolony

Star Colony online - unusual representative computer online games. This project able to combine economic strategy, and classic RPG quest. That online game Star players colony represents a unique opportunity to build your own space colony, produce a variety of resources and engage in battle with numerous competitors.

Join in the game Star colony should not take you much time, you just have to choose a screen name, an email address, which you will receive an email confirmation of registration, choose a complex password for the selection and indicate your gender. As we see in the game Star Online registration colonies developed in the most simple and accessible way. Register Star colony is your ticket to the world of the future, in which you will build your own career and become a successful owner of a space colony. While playing the game online Star colony is absolutely free, and since the game is completely browser-based, you do not need to download and install on your computer, no customers.

Unlike most other online games, online game Star colony has a distinctive ability - opportunity lost. Yes, here is your character so devoid of comfort and immortality danger depart this life is waiting for you at every turn - hunger, disease, fight, attack the local fauna - all this at any time can deprive you of life, so it pays to be especially cautious at first beginning of the game. Over time, as you will be able to accumulate enough money and conduct the necessary studies, the availability of cloning becomes your character, that is the key to solving the problem of possible death, but until that moment his main value - life is worth to preserve very carefully.

Starting the game, your character is still very early to decide what kind whatsoever global problems, because will come to the fore questions of their own survival in the big city. Find your first job, let it be underpaid and undervalued, but it will bring much needed for the purchase of food and drink money. Such freedom of action, which allows the player to become notorious as an adventurer, and a law-abiding and respectable businessman, and possibly one and the other together, attracts many wanting to play the game online Star colony, today around the world building their careers in the world of the future engaged tens of thousands of people.

Over time, will increase not only your bank account in the virtual game will grow your ambitions and goals. If yesterday you solved the immediate problem of finding food and shelter, but now you are managing an entire colony of stellar leaders huge cash flows and solve global issues capture new territories and increase its influence in the gaming world. As you can see, play Star colony in its wonder at every stage of the game, because of what the colony play Star players do not get bored. Try it and you build a fantastic career in the world of the future!


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