Call to Arms

Alternative names: Call to Arms
Looking through the game announcing Call to Arms video trailer, you can understand the basic essence of the project. Game - Strategy, and that says it all! Incessant fighting, fierce battles, plans for defense and attack, weapons, blood, death, colleagues - so here's a list of what you will encounter, starting gameplay. What is true, as the project is still under development - before you start to realize their combat strategy, will have to wait! Back in late 2012 the gaming world was introduced announcement of the new Call to Arms pc. And if the company previously Digitalmindsoft specialized in games, describing the events of the Second World War (such as the project Men of War), but now all of the major actions of the gameplay taking place in the present tense. The front line moved into the territory of modern Europe. Rumor has it the way it should look like the beginning of modern realistic war games, see for yourself? If you believe the developers, then immediately after all interested persons will be able to download the Call to Arms, it will be available in two fractions. Navigate the battlefield can be on more than 20 different types of vehicles, and for self-defense and mount attacks such modestly available arsenal of more than 60 different types of weapons. For convenience, gamers will be given the opportunity to control every combat unit separately. Convenient overview of the third person helps keep on top of all the "wards" and craft area. Call to Arms - a game that throughout the history of its existence, will be supplemented and updated. At least now the developers have promised to constantly monitor the relevance of his creation, adapting it to the changing needs, adding new jobs, expanding the list of available units and introducing new storylines. If the way it is, then the project has the potential to become one of the most sought after and popular! About how it will be interesting to play Call to Arms until hard to judge, because now only accessible with an early alpha version of the game. However, the official presentation is on the way. Everyone, eager to test his own quickly project, gamers create community in social networks and actively discuss the game on the forums. Judging by the number of ready to download project players, we can assume that Call of Arms will not suffer from lack of attention. Like many other developers, Bioware not neglect donations action gamers. The amount claimed for the project is about 130 thousand dollars. Developer representatives argue that every cent donated will help to improve the game's graphics, animations, optimizing engine and add as many additional game content. Now even you can make your donation, which will help make our next Call to Arms review more meaningful and fun!

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