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Remove groups of the same color, playing in the colored blocks game. Learn the secrets of ancient civilizations and go the way a pirate, you will be able to be an alchemist, starting to play games online colored blocks.

Clickers today are probably the most popular segment of simple games in the Flash format. They managed to win the most motley target, a certain percentage of which any games at all, except for the genre, is not interested. Why register in complex online MMORPG, look carefully aligned solutions puzzles, follow a long story quests, if you can just relaxed execute simple as moo, tasks? These games are in the office world, took the same function as the constant clicking of seeds, popular among the inhabitants of sleeping areas. And there, and there motility loaded. And she, too, though not as closely as the real intellectual activity, but it is associated with the brain. So you can not say that his fans clickers do not include. Moreover, as developed by game genre, these games have a very large range and are of varying degrees of complexity of tasks. There clickers, where the emphasis is on the speed of reaction. There are games where the emphasis is on the logical and spatial thinking and the ability to build a consistent chain of action and clicks. It is to the latter can be rightfully attributed game with colored blocks. In fact, this clicker is a bit modified classic game - a game of "three in a row. "Rules of the game is almost entirely colored blocks borrowed from there, changing only the user interface and accents. Is not difficult to guess from the name of the game, we are talking about the color of its elements. When clicking disappear only blocks of one color. And for a large number of missing blocks is a bonus, which simplify the further passage. After all, as a rule, these games have a lot of levels. It is this play inspired by the colored blocks in a very long time. After gradually complicated task becomes even more interesting. In some versions of the game level also need to go for some time. It attracts to such games, even those who, in principle, considered primitive clickers for fun minded people. In this case, in their phone probably find mobile version of the game or of the colored blocks or canonicity "three in a row. "Simple tasks sometimes make the game literally forever. The only change is the external design, but the essence remains the same. With different versions of the game you can find in the corresponding section of our website. We collected enough extensive collection of games of colored blocks, which offer you an easy game for free online or download.

Online Games:

Online Games:

Games colored blocks. Play the colored blocks online

Before you free online Colored Blocks Games , and you probably know how to play them. Each toy has its own rules, but to understand them easily. Sometimes you have to shoot down one color group, directing him to a ball that bounces off the moving platform. Getting into the target, it destroys them. On another occasion, have to drag objects to build a chain of them, and then they too will disappear. Interesting puzzle offers drag them inside a closed square to get them through a single opening. These and other versions are provided free of charge.

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