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For those who prefer games to puzzles, will be enjoyed by Lines 98 to play online. Puzzle game to build lines of balls, Lines to play with us for free.

The phenomenon of office games is simple. With the advent of specialties, who are responsible for work at the computer, there was also the need to relax, away from work in a completely different world. The first game format, now referred to as the office games, appeared not to relax at work. These games are simple, because computers of the time could not provide developers with anything even close to resembling modern features. One of those games was the legendary lines. Introduced in 1992, this game was an instant popularity. It looks simple logic game fascinated to watch. A game released later Color lines easily conquered the world of computing. To this day, many people love the game and are often looking for in the search engines «lines 98 to play online. "The game involves not only simple, but also relaxing graphics solution. In the lines to play is very simple. You are provided with a side of a square field in 9 cells. On the field, are balls of different colors. The player's task - put the balls of the same color in a series of five. If a player did it - the line disappears. In this simplicity ends. Before playing online lines require some training. The fact that not knowing the rules before the end, you will not be able to successfully resist his Majesty rand. The balls can be set not only direct but also diagonally. To move the ball from one cell to another between these cells must be free of other balls. Each turn in which a player is not able to make a line on the field at random appear three new balls. Since 1995, when the computer world first saw the Color lines, this game copied hundreds of times. Add different elements, the rules changed beyond recognition. Even now there are programs, which are based on the game ball line and constant rule lines. In addition, the developers paid games often create cumbersome game with the character quests or other popular genre, but without changing the principle to stand in the line of ball games. And as if not crucified developers of these games, and their creations are not independent blockbusters or even interesting projects. All these attempts to go to the glory lines. On our website you can find a huge collection of variants of the famous game. To do this, you need not search the phrase "balls line play online. "You are on the correct page. It is from this tag and placed all these exciting games. And regulars our customers know that lines, as well as any game on our website, you can easily download in just a few clicks.

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