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Before us is a new exciting game Bubble Blobs known company that develops sensory games. This game belongs to the category of puzzles and combines the best achievements in a series of games designed to care, the development of logical thinking and intelligence players. So, we have to be kind of the playing field, which will be located colored balls. By the way the field is trite pool table where the balls will be displayed in various forms. You'll make beats with the help of Kia on emerging bulbs from your side of the field. Your task is to combine balls in a row of three or more in a particular color. In this case, consider the impact trajectory, because you can not only directly, but also from the sides. To pass to the next level you need to get a certain number of points. But in fact you'll get a lot more points. After all, when the game will be taken into account factors such as - the passage of the level, the number of attacks committed by the balls. All these combine to give a final score. Control of the game with the mouse if you play with the computer or driving your finger across the sensor screen. Game Bubble Blobs different nice graphics and music. It is designed for people of any age and is designed to develop mindfulness and logical thinking. So sit back and immerse yourself in the gameplay There are two ways how you can play Bubble Blobs. This is download the app on any of your devices, or play directly online on the Internet. The second method will allow you to invite your friends in this game, and even participate in the competition for the best player in the game Bubble Blobs.

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