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Game Real Pokemon Trainer

Real Pokemon Trainer

Pokémon captured the world and it's not virtual reality and the real, if you are not yet fans of the new applications Pokemon Go, hurry, and while you can catch a train nimble monsters in the game Real Pokemon Trainer. Choose your character between: Chloe, Mike and Ellie. Girls are surprisingly similar to the Disney Princess Rapunzel and the ice queen Elsa and the guy from the same world of Disney. Perhaps the characters decide to disguise and conceal the real names, cartoon and game world does not approve, when the heroes work part time in other people's tales. Help your chosen hero to catch all pocket monsters hiding in different places. It will take real, not virtual agility to throw and get into being discovered, but do not relax after. Caught a monster you must keep in pokebola ball, the baby enough power to break free. The game Real Pokemon Trainer hunting takes place in the city park, on the streets, on the banks of the picturesque river in a huge multi-storey shopping center. In each location you need to catch three Pokemon, carefully inspect the surrounding objects, plants, buildings, particularly windows, and find little monsters from your watchful eye is difficult to hide. Finding hunting object, throw it pokebol and hold for a while to lock the lively toddler finally, he will try to escape, no one wants to be in a confined space. To make it easier to navigate in the search, in the lower left corner you will see a gray silhouettes, unknown monsters. Game Real Pokemon Trainer created in the language HTML5, which suggests its high-quality playback on any media without restriction. Beautiful realistic gameplay will please the eyes and give pleasure to the user. The game will please both boys and girls, boys can choose a hero control male and beauty - Woman. Do not miss a fun toy, it will be for you to exercise in front of this hunt for Pokemon.
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