Game Neon Checkers online

Game Neon Checkers

Game Neon Checkers online.

I hope you know the rules of checkers, because in Neon Checkers game you have to fight it in this game. Running the application on your mobile phone or tablet, you will see a chess board with distant swords. And you have to hold the match to the finish, inviting pre somebody of your friends, because the game is carried out only in a mode for two. To make a move, you need to select a suitable shape mouse and click it on the cell where it should move. If done correctly, the block will move back and you either eat opponent's checkers, or pass them move to his opponent. Try to walk deliberately in order not to expose their pieces to the opponent strikes, he's sure to take advantage of this. The big advantage of your checkers in the game Neon will be if you can bring one of his chips to the opposite edge of the game, that immediately transform your chip in Kings. A king can go immediately into multiple cells forward to go back. This course will give you more chances to win, but you must skillfully take advantage of this. Game Neon Checkers performed in the beautiful graphics, sound effects are also at the highest level and all this will allow you to enjoy the game, which will increase in the event that you win.