Game Space Time online

Game Space Time

Game Space Time online.

World space is rich and varied. Asteroids, comets, planets and their satellites - all of this can be seen through a telescope. For those interested in the study of the universe, and it comes up with a lot of games, because even not for a moment forget about his passion and space galaxy. So the game space time will take you into the world of celestial bodies. There you will be able to move away from reality and manifest your logic and attentiveness. To move to new levels, you need to find among a plurality of blocks of at least two of the same, which are located nearby. Clicking on one of the group, you will see how they will disappear and there will be new. Each click will bring you different amounts of points. The higher rises a pyramid of cubes with figures of space, the closer will be the end of the game Space Time. So try to remove more identical cubes. Wait until the bottom row completely loaded, if you want to click on the figure in it. Cubes quickly come and quickly go up, so the game Cosmic observation time requires speed. Levels will be changed automatically. Despite the fact that this puzzle is not an exciting story about the war with the aliens, it will attract the attention of fans of space and stars. After all, you can join them with a mobile phone to HTML5 game.