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Game Sudoku


An addictive puzzle game of the three levels of difficulty is not to leave any blank cell on the field. To understand what level suits you, simply start with the easiest. You quickly get through it, filling all cells with the missing digits, and you can switch to a sophisticated level. But it is waiting for more empty cells to be filled. You think this is elementary - to insert figures that can be tricky. But in fact, there are strict conditions. In Sudoku game you will see a hint, if you will choose the wrong number. To avoid mistakes, you need to carefully check the vertical and horizontal. After all, in the same row, in a single line and in one small square 3 * 3 can not be two identical digits. SUDOKU created for the development of logic and attention and only through several levels it can play both children and adults in the mobile phone. HTML5 Sudoku Game format allows you to open the most popular puzzle anywhere. In this game you can not make a mistake and lose, because every step you can change. Digital rearranged to another place, but you can put the correct instead. This is useful for those who play Sudoku for the first time and still make many mistakes. To put the figure into the desired cell, initially put the green square on the cell and then click on the selected number from the list.
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