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Game Dungeon Adventure

Dungeon Adventure

Old magician decided to get rich and live comfortably graying years of his life. He heard about a mysterious cave, where the good dwarves once hid a lot of diamonds. With such a wealth to live comfortably, even if you live on forever. Therefore, our magician, without thinking, went to the cave. He just did not expect that it will be guarded by the terrible ghosts and other magicians. Now he is in the middle of the cave with diamonds in the game Dungeon Adventure and looks forward to your help in collecting stones. As soon as the last stone is in the pocket of the magician, he can go to the door and be in the new room, again filled with diamonds. With the help of a magic flask with red liquid, our character will be able to get rid of the annoying ghost who walks behind him, if he would be nearby. And our wizard there is a bonus in the form of immunity. If he can get to it, then no one is going to kill him for some time. Manage these greedy wizard using the arrows, but remember that if it goes, it does not see the obstacles and do not stop, you can only turn aside. On some levels you are caught portals that can move faster than our old man through the tunnels of the basement, collecting gems. Only three times can he faced unprotected with ghosts, to continue the game Dangerous Adventures. Otherwise it is necessary to start from the beginning, from the first pebble. But this is an unforgettable adventure can be experienced once again with a funny character.
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