Game Galatians online

Game Galatians

Game Galatians online.

Real Space War. Your versatile ship should come out a winner and destroy all enemies. Before you open a fantastic world of the Galaxy, but you have never seen the world. After all, the opponent will not just stand and wait for you to give it a shot. He will throw a bomb at you and try to destroy it. Therefore, in addition to accurate shots you need to be still very agile and dodge enemy attacks. The game Galactians you feel like a real astronaut and Head of the dangerous missions against the alien aliens. Your ship always shoots up, and hit the enemy depends on how you will navigate through outer space. Come meet the dangers and you will be rewarded for it. Each are new level will bring you not only new challenges, but also self-confidence, the experience will grow, and you have become easier to deal with galactic rivals. Game Galactic enemies easily open not only to the computer monitor, and a second after you press the start you will see the spacecraft on your mobile phone. One shot on target - and one enemy becomes smaller in the universe. As long as you have not cleared the starry sky from all alien, you will not be able to breathe easily. Getting immediately to war with them, and within a couple of minutes you will rejoice. Space lawlessness must end with your appearance in the game Galactic enemies, if you have felt cramped in the world to play voynushki.