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Game Flying Golf

Flying Golf

Golf - a fascinating game in which athletes have to score the ball in the hole in the ground. It originated in ancient Scotland, and she came up with the legend ordinary shepherds. But with the passage of time began to play a round of golf and other people, and in some countries it is even considered a game for aristocrats. Now she, too, is well known and spend a lot of competition that would be to find out who is the best player in the world. Today the game Flying Golf we'll try to participate in such a competition. Before us is a field for the game of golf in any of his end it will be located hole marked with the flag stick. You will hit the ball that he flew in the direction of the hole and then fell into it. But on the way you will meet a lot of obstacles in the form of irregularities and land dips and more. You need to flip the ball through. Just click a few times on the screen and thus you keep the ball on the fly. As soon as he will fly all the traps, he will fall to the hole and you will easily score the ball in the hole. Above you will see the number of beats for which you have done this and the points which you have earned. What would get them as much work out the minimum number of strokes possible. This way you'll pass the competition rounds until you win it. Flying Golf game is quite interesting and likely to appeal to everyone who loves sports. Flying Golf opened on our website you will be happy to spend time participating even in the virtual golf tournament.
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