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Game Chinese Marbles

Chinese Marbles

The game Chinese Marbles will take you to China, you will be surrounded by the atmosphere of the oriental bazaar, colorful pagodas, red lanterns, dragons and fireworks. You are in the period of celebrating the new year in the Eastern calendar, and you will have fun. Shooting on marble balls, which are still concentrated at the top of the screen, but will soon get to the bottom, if you do not do anything urgently. Shoot the ball clusters, collecting groups of three or more of the same, this will produce detonation and explosion of the entire group. Each new level differs from the previous one not only in the level of complexity, but also in the configuration of the location of the balls. They can in the Chinese Marbles rotate in a circle, gradually adding new elements or dropping down, filling the space. Use bonuses, they are located at the bottom of the screen. You will be able to blow up a group of balls using an explosive, change the color with a potion, and burn with a directed stream of fire. But remember that bonuses first need to be charged, and for this in the game Chinese Marbles you need to shoot accurately.
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