Game Guest House Escape online

Game Guest House Escape

Guest House Escape

Our hero met an old friend whom he had not seen for a long time and he invited him to visit for a few days. Having collected some simple luggage, the hero arrived at the indicated address and found a solid mansion. Luxury and well-being shone through in the interior and decoration of the rooms. The house was huge, but the guest was accommodated in a separate guest house, specially built for guests. A friend took him out and left him to sort things out. An hour later, they agreed to meet for dinner. The guest rested a little, changed his clothes and was about to leave, but found that the door was locked. Apparently the owner, leaving, mechanically locked the door and took the key with him. But surely there is a spare and still there is no other way out but to find him and get out. Help the hero in Guest House Escape game.
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