Game Visionless Boy Escape online

Game Visionless Boy Escape

Visionless Boy Escape

Blindness can be different, including congenital. This is certainly a huge test, but a person adapts to everything. In the game Visionless Boy Escape you will meet a brave boy who has been deprived of sight since childhood. However, his parents managed to raise a full-fledged child and quite wealthy. He loves to walk and his route is usually the same. Everyone knows the boy and helps if necessary. But today he suddenly turned off the beaten path and found himself on an unfamiliar street. He decided to knock on any house and ask to be taken home. But the door opened and the hero went inside the house. There was no one there, but now you need to help the boy get out of the room and in this you can help him in Visionless Boy Escape.
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