Affected Zone

Alternative names: Affected Zone

Affected Zone online - fantastic multiplayer game with a free client that transports users into the future. Besides, you will find yourself not only in 2025, which became critical for humanity due to acute shortage of energy, but also can become a researcher parallel earthly world. You will command a force of mercenaries and try to conquer this very world. Called Zone world has one great value - blue crystals. Possessing extraordinary properties of crystals are important for solving the energy problem that many brave souls dare to attempt to get into the zone, using the portal of Nikola Tesla. But if the whole thing was to find a way to get into a parallel world, so also need to eliminate opponents, appearing on the road and hungry like you to be the first in this case. Plus a mutant monsters and then achieve the desired interfere. You have to repeatedly engage in fights and make his own way. From Affected Zone play, you get into the world, where cruelty - this is normal and there is no room for compromise. Gather all your courage and conquer parallel world!

Note that for the gameplay needs some parameters to be met by your computer. Minimum system requirements for the game: Processor Intel Core i3 third generation (1. 33Ggts) or equivalent AMD, graphics Intel HD Graphics or 4000 NVidia GeForce GT or 440 AMD Radeon HD 4000 and 3 GB of RAM. Can install the client as soon as you pass the check-Affected Zone. You must make a request to participate in the game, informing your email address. Having your own account, proceed to the auspicious time as the creation of the character. You choose the way of the commander, and you'll be playing Affected Zone. Gender, body, color, age and facial features - all custom specifications. There is an option and the automatic selection, but most likely, you will be pleased to create their own hero. Besides the above parameters, you specify a name and choose a biography. By the way, should not immediately say that you have an opportunity to join one of the four existing corporations. Let's look at them more closely.

Commandos (specialization - Sniper Minesweeper and Scout) - excellent scouts, different quick response and mobility. Fight for them at a distance is not a problem - they are unmatched in such battles. The main weapon commando assault and sniper rifles, grenades and mines. In addition, they skillfully use combat drones and know how to train dogs for exploration.

Fire support (specialization - mounted grenade launchers, rocket systems, machine gun) like the previous corporations thrive in the fighting in the distance. Their advantages - the power and ability to do the most damage. Remedial classes are good allies, as they can not hold such strong themselves as comrades. Usage fire support weapons - mounted grenade launchers, machine guns and rocket systems.

Heavy infantry (specialization - Heavy machine guns, flamethrowers and grenade launchers Drum) is effective during the assault on enemy positions. They are a little slow, but powerful armor and heavy weapons compensate for minor flaws. As an effort to break and for the defense of the key areas of heavy infantry - great. Their weapons - shotguns, heavy machine guns, flamethrowers and grenade launchers drum.

Assault Infantry (specialization - Assault rifles, Assault Rifles, Hand grenade) - versatile fighters. They are a great support for the rest of the attacking force, as active and in the defense, and during the attacks. Armament conforms with the specializations.

You can join any one of the classes or create your own power. Affected Zone game and allows for such a dream to even more passion to fight for the key areas on the strategic map of the world. As far as the weapons that will be used, it should be emphasized that all of it is subject to revision. That is, using the various modules you make your outfit even more effectively.

Being part of a huge army you must not forget to take care not only of general interest, but primarily on its development. You'll pump your character, increasing parameters such as strength, health, accuracy, range, endurance, intelligence, and others. By the way, all the necessary information about a character is displayed in the personal file. Besides performance measures here has battle statistics, awards received, the full biography.


In Affected Zone online you will find many interesting things, each passed the battle will long be remembered. Hurry up to join the gaming community and to taste life in postapokalipsticheskom world!


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