Alternative names: AirMech

AirMech Game is a free computer game in real time. This game is a strategy that is designed in the style of a futuristic action.

Game AirMech registration is simple and does not require any extra effort. In order to register in the game you must do the following:

1) Find AirMech game online using any search for you the famous search engine.

2) Then click on «Steam». Before you open a new page.

3) On this page, click the "Enter" button.

4) Then click on "Create Account."

5) In the first line, write your name or come up with a special name for your page.

6) Then enter the password for the game AirMech.

7) Confirm your password. For this purpose it is necessary to enter again into the next cell.

8) Enter your e-mail.

9) Then confirm it and enter again in the next line.

10) Select a security question from the list.

11) The next line enter the answer to the security question you have selected.

12) Enter the code, which was presented in front of you.

13), read the agreement and confirm that you agree with him.

14) Then click on "Create Account."


Download AirMech you can with the official game site. To download games AirMech you must:

1) Go to the website of the game AirMech.

2) In the main toolbar click on the image that says «PC».

3) Then you will be presented a floating window. It click "Save File."

4) After that, as the file is downloaded, install it by following the step by step all the recommendations, which will be described in the installer.


The game play can AirMech all registered customers. Requirement for them is to match the power of the computer with the requirements listed below:

Windows XP or Vista, and Windows 2007 - OS (operating system).

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2. 2 GHz - Processor.

2 GB - RAM.

300 MB - Hard disk drive (HDD).

256 MB - Video Memory (Video).

NVidia GeForce 6600 - Graphics card (Video card)

DirektX 9. 0c


AirMech Online has the following units:

1) Tanks - there are six species. Each tank is distinguished by special characteristics and views.

2) Vehicles - units that are frequently used in the game. Their ten.

3) Infantry - they include six units. Their specific differences in the armor, cost and ability to recover.

4) Turrets - a special class. All units are very expensive.

5) Artillery - data units have only heavy weapons.

6) Support - they are integral characters, from which very much depends on the game.

7) Mines - them in the game there are four types.

8) satellites - they are necessary for various operations. Satellite in game four.

9) Consumables - a kind of bomb.


Game AirMech online - is a kind of game with lots of features that are not found in other games.

You will surely find the unit in the game is just for you and will be able to develop it in the game and achieve heights.

Geek in the computer game AirMech!


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