Alliance Warfare

Alternative names: Alliance Warfare
Computer strategy games are probably the favorite genres of modern gamers. The facts speak for themselves: each new strategic project immediately finds his fans and actively gaining popularity. One such project was the game Alliance Warfare. The first thing that catches the eye at the entrance to the project page, - high-quality graphics. For registration of selected pleasing to the eye colors. As background music selected pleasant, unobtrusive and could not be more suitable by category playing the melody. Another nice thing about the project - it is a browser, which means that before the gameplay will not need to download any client or program. The only condition in the Alliance Warfare - registration. Fortunately, it can undergo for a few minutes. The site's interface translated into Russian, so the problems with filling a small registration form should arise. The first line should be the address of your electronic mailbox. In the following two fields is necessary to register a unique password to log into the system and verify it. To complete the first phase of registration will agree to the terms of use of the system. After this, you will need to choose an avatar to your character and give it a name. As you can see, in the Alliance Warfare start you can play with almost no delay. Once get into the game, you will be offered the opportunity to take a training course. Time it also takes a bit, but reveals all the features of the game, and you will not have to wonder why we need this or that button and what is the game at all. On top of the control panel in the Alliance Warfare online in the left corner there is a tab with the tasks. Regularly it will be highlighted in green. So you can understand that the system is prepared for you another job. As practice shows, to perform certain issued system, tasks gamers like much more. Thus, the game appears more sense and it practically can not be bored. After reading the job, proceed to its implementation. When a closer look at Alliance Warfare game, learn, following the successful completion of the mission, you can get a nice bonus, consisting of the most important resources needed for development. Key resources are as follows: Lumber. Iron. Gold. Stone. In addition to this mission brings additional supply of food to help the hero to recover from difficult tasks. At first play Alliance Warfare will need, furnished own possessions. Minimum cash reserves and building materials will be available to you from the very beginning of the game. Once the building will be erected, houses inhabited, and the main factory building started, you can indulge in an unforgettable strategic adventure. Since the Alliance Warfare online game alone to grieve and fight with bots you do not have. Next door is always there will be new city-owned newly registered gamers. You as the true owner of the land, of course, sooner or later want to expand their territory, increase their opportunities. You can do this by capturing the enemy territory. And for this, in most cases requires the aid of allies, which can be obtained by negotiating, concluding a mutually beneficial deal. If you can attack the neighbors, then you need to be prepared for their retaliatory attacks. Build defenses, recruit an army and train fighters.

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