Altera Online

Alternative names: Altera

Game Altera Online: through thorns to new planets

The meeting with the aliens has become almost an everyday thing for us thanks to the cinema, animation, comic books and computer game products. We learned how to put the space ships in their place, escaping home. For this purpose, super-powerful weapons were created, and tactics are honed by many writers, filmmakers and screenwriters. But the game Altera Online decided to teach us a lesson, turning everything the other way around - now the Earthlings are forced to seek shelter on another's planet.

Armed to the teeth and full of determination, some people left the overpopulated Earth to try their luck in search of another home amid the vast expanse of the universe. Starting Altera Online to play, you will join the team of brave rangers, landing on a planet whose conditions allow you to justify a new colony.

It turned out that the territory is far from deserted. Agree on a joint existence with the aborigines and failed, but the Earthlings decided not to give up. The conflict has matured and resulted in a protracted armed confrontation, and whoever is stronger will be shown the following events. In order to"take root"in the new house, it is necessary to master the space, find friends, means for life, to use weapons. But in the beginning it is necessary to register in Altera Online - a kind of visa for residence on the found planet.

Klanes and characteristics

Even a small group of people begins to share, forming clans. Sometimes this happens during the sharing of power, sometimes to create units with similar abilities. In our case, Altera Online iPlayer offers the following separation:

  • Stocks
  • Cultists
  • Corporation

For each team is characterized by its characteristics, which in the course of the development of the plot will improve, sharpen in battles and negotiations. But at first players can choose any, because the difference is observed mainly in the very passage of training, after which such qualities will develop:

  • Soil. The more it is, the heavier the burden the hero can bear and recover faster.
  • Production. Action points and other points are scored much faster.
  • Dexterity. It is always important, but it is especially useful for the accuracy of shooting and the recovery of action points.
  • Intelekt. This is a necessary quality during a firefight, as it increases the accuracy of hit in a percentage, and is also related to the level of energy.
  • Reaction. Required by the player for excellent performance in making the right decisions.
  • Carefulness. With her, the hero increases the farsightedness and breadth of vision.

Thanks to sharpened skills, you will effectively not only fight, but also explore the space around, engage in trade, carry out quests, and conduct diplomatic negotiations.

Vsya force in weapons

But no matter how skilful a soldier was, he can not do much without a weapon. In the arsenal, a huge assortment is collected and the properties of each combat unit are indicated. We choose the equipment:

    Now you are armed and terribly dangerous, but not to give your move to the enemy, do not hesitate over the action for more than thirty seconds, otherwise you will lose the advantage.

  • Pistols
  • Machine guns
  • Shooting sniper
  • Assault rifles
  • Textiles
  • Body: light, medium and heavy
  • Medical things
Against you perform real players or computer bots - choose yourself.

РПГ strategy will please with spectacular special effects, dynamics and interesting turns of the plot. Having got involved in game process, you will turn to the true conqueror of space, will master the hostile planet, having transformed it into the new house.


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