ARC Srvayvl Evolved

Alternative names: ARC Survayval Evolv

Game ARK Survival Evolved: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

FYI: Studio Wildcard ( as a publisher ), Virtual Basement LLC, Efecto Studios and Instinct Games opened early access to the game an unusual product of an ancient, wild world 3. 06. 2015. An adventure game is characterized by ARK Survival Evolved Genre: Action, Role Playing, indie project.

Now anyone can ARK Survival Evolved download for a small cost, so that during the passage to help developers, identifying shortcomings.

Since the release of the release there were some additions in the form of animals, weapons, buildings and tribes, but those updates will be even greater, and when the game is finally formed, its cost will increase, so that interested better hurry to download ARK Survival Evolved at a comfortable price.

Wild People & ndash; savage manners.

Imagine how it & ndash; to live without comforts and fight for the right to survive on a daily basis. It starts with the story beach where newcomers wake players of all nationalities. From clothes to suit them, only Adam, and after the inspection itself and the terrain, it is better not to stay in the open air for too long.

Around predatory, wild world where dinosaurs coexist with the kingdom of human tribes. The neighborhood is mutually beneficial, as each member serves a different food, but because you belong to the human race, his own skin is more expensive, and it should be protected.

prehistoric reptiles can be tamed and then used for the transport of goods, to move over long distances, in a war with other nations. More than 70 dinosaurs with their own characteristics continue to increase in species with the emergence of the game add-ons, but now enough of them to fly, mix the water, land and underground. In addition, you can get a huge reptiles with scorpions, urging them sitting on the armor-clad back under overhanging the terrible sting tail.

But to make this possible, it is necessary to unite & ndash; one in such a harsh world will not survive. Next you need to develop your tribe to increase its potential. At any moment they can attack you, and we must prepare to repel a determined attack. You need a weapon ridden? Animals. And the technology is evolving, and soon next to a stone ax, a spear and a bow will firearm instead of tents grow strong at home.

Arrange the race through the jungle, pursue prey and enemies, fly on pterodactyl & nbsp; over the mountains with snow caps. Collect resources and experience, develop from a primitive tribe to the modern, multiply their own territory and become the strongest race.

ARC Survayval Evolv offers is a voice interface and English, but the gameplay is clear intuitive and presents no difficulty.^^11 OS: 64 bit; Windows Vista / 7 SP 1/8 ( 8.


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